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  1. Thank you for the great advice. I was able to go to the visit with my mother. The oncologist is following her infection closely — and is concerned it may be related to the Keytruda. In fact just tonight she emailed with the news that there was filamentous fungus in the sample they collected and she is concerned about a potentially serious fungal infection. They are going to be following up in the next few days with blood work and a bronchoscopy — so her next steps in terms of treatment are a bit on hold right now. There is some talk of switching her to gemcitabine (?) and that in trials it seemed promising for allowing the body to become sensitive again to the Keytruda(?) The mild progression in her liver and the new bone mets they are also considering radiation. When her lung infection is resolved she will be consulting with a radiologist. they really don’t want to stop the Keytruda unless absolutely necessary since it has been so effective in stabilizing her disease until now. she has another brain scan and check in with her neurologist about her brain mets at the end of this month. I really hope they can get this lung infection under control. So grateful for your wisdom. Pam
  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely advice. My mother developed a cough and lung infection a few weeks ago which seems to be worsening and as of yet not resolved with steroids. Her latest scans showed some mixed results — some regression and resolution — but additional mets in bone and actually in her thigh(?) which the oncologist thinks is somewhat odd — also the progression in her liver. We go to the oncologist tomorrow to get a clearer picture of what’s next. I really appreciate all of you. I feel somewhat alone as my mother hasn’t wanted me to share this with anyone and of course my husband and kids (11 & 21) are wonderful in loving me but I don’t want to scare them with how upsetting this is for me. thanks again, Pam
  3. I wondered about that! If I remember correctly maybe there is some thing about she had had lung cancer previously — her original diagnosis had been caught early on a scan and she had a wedge resection in 2017 but no radiation or chemo then. When the reoccurrence was found this past January she did have radiation for the brain mets which has kept them stable — and then they began with the chemotherapy regimen. I will be very curious to know what her oncologist suggests today and I may follow up on this thread just to check in because often it’s so overwhelming. ♥️ I can spend my hours combing medical journals and just not know if I’m on the right track 🤷‍♀️ Thanks again for the time and wisdom.
  4. Thanks so much lexieCat! This gives me so much hope and offers a direction that I wouldn’t have even known how to navigate ♥️ My mom’s team is affiliated with the University of MN and their research team — I will definitely explore that! I hope you have a good day — I’m so grateful to you I’m nearly in tears over here. Pam
  5. Hi All, First, let me thank you for stopping by to read this. Though my mother has been dealing with a diagnosis since January, this is the first time I have sought out a forum. My mother is a very strong and stoic and active 78 year old woman who up until the time of her diagnosis was still skiing regularly. She raised alone me after my fathers death when I was 5. She tends to be very private and though she shares with me her my chart, she prefers to see her doctor and deal with this largely between her and her housemate. Last January she was diagnosed with a progression of her previous lung cancer for which she had had surgery in 2017. On a routine mammogram they found a tumor, and subsequent scans she had Metastases to her brain, bone, breast and liver. She was given the triplet treatment of Alimta, carboplatin, and Keytruda — and now has had 3 maintenance cycles without carboplatin adding in Zometa. I seem to remember her doctor saying that if it progresses there is no treatment they can pursue — She has a very few tumor markers or whatever it is that allowed them to target mutation? her PDL1 is a small percentage and a KRASG12v mutatation. Up until now her disease has been stable but just recently they remarked a growing tumor in her liver. (It has grown a half centimeter since July). She sees her doctor today and I am just trying to prepare myself also knowing she might not share the bigger picture with me. If her brain mets and bone Mets are stable would they offer her radiation? Or surgery? Is there another line of therapy they can try? I appreciate amy wisdom you might offer! Pam in Minnesota
  6. Hi everyone! I am the 49-year-old daughter of a 78-year-old NSCLC metastatic patient. I am just here looking for support and resources as my mother continues this journey! thanks Pam
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