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  1. Hi. My name is Joanne and my husband of 45 years was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, non small cell. It was naturally a horrible shock for both of us. He had been coughing for months and finally got a chest x-ray. doctors had been treating him for allergies. His left lung was mostly clouded and it took a CT scan to see the tumor. He had pleural effusion which was drained several times and tested malignant. He then had a catheter put in and the VNA was coming weekly to drain the fluid. He had his first chemo session 2 weeks ago and is scheduled for one on the 8th. His pain is awful and has been treated with many different pain meds. He currently is on extended release morphine and an antidepressant. I wish I was handling this situation better. He's a terrible patient, does not like taking meds. I am somewhat disabled, using either a can or walker in the house. I am used to him taking care of all things household related. Most of the time I feel like yelling and just need to vent. I look forward to reading the forums for information and hopefully support. Thanks!!
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