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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Post op lobectomy support for patient and husband

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  1. I have a navage nasal rinsing devise I use every winter to keep sinuses clear. I just tied to use it and got a very strange pain in my bronchial area. Anyone else use one of these and have problems with the pressure? It’s never happened before Is my respiratory anatomy changed that much??? Also still coughing I had a chest X-ray and it was “fine”. ??? Lady Rose Blade.
  2. The rope pain around your bra area is where the lungs divide. I’m 9 weeks post Left upper lobectomy and that still bothers me. With the opiod crisis going on MD’s are being followed by the state on how m at scripts they write. What worked for me for the pain when I got home was neurontin. Non narcotic. It was recommended on one of the topicals here. Regarding the unexplained pain, I have a ton. I think my body is just a neurotic mess right now. Lol. I get weird pains in my chest and breasts too. I just chock it up to going through a brutal surgery for a disease I never thought I’d get and there isn’t a normal right now. Congratulations on the rumors being small. A true blessing. Mine was too but I waited a year to have it out. Covid, my aging dad, friends dying …. Like Lennon said “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. hang in there and ask about neurotin. lady rose blade
  3. I had the cleaners come in today. Now I feel like I have bronchitis and wheezing from the dust and cleaning products. Ouch. I don’t need an oncologist but maybe I need a pulmonary md. What should I look for in one? I don’t want someone who does kids asthma and allergy shots ladyroseblade
  4. When would it be safe to get flu shot and covid booster. LRB
  5. I am so frustrated. Al I want to do is cry and stab something with a fork. This hospital does not serve heathy food. Lots of canned veg and fruit. Powdered potatoes. Cheap bread. Husband brought me food from home. For what I’ve been through and doing what I’m supposed to do, how can a hospital do that to their patients. ???? LRB I wanna go home.
  6. Update: I have norovirus too! I’ve asked them to stop testing. I don’t want them finding more. Lol. Accepting alL virtual antibiotics. LRB.
  7. Thanks Lou. I’ll accept all antibiotic vibes. I hate this hospital bed LRB
  8. I was readmitted to the hospital for C-dif yesterday. Quite unpleasant. Back to IV’s, meds, commodes, bad hospital Beds. Sigh LRB
  9. Thank you!! I really need this group.
  10. My surgeon mentioned the pearls but my husband had them a few years ago and they didn’t do anything for him. Maybe I should try them. The walgreen cough syrup isn’t helping. My surgeon and her NP’s have been following me closely and I do wonder if I should engage a pulmonary MD. My PCP is useless. and can I ask, what’s with the crying al the time? Everything sets me off. LRB.
  11. Thank you Lou. I did read the 10 things and I did reconnect with a therapist. I often have high expectations of myself as my Profession demands it. Joining this group should be good for me. And give my husband a break. He’s absolutely exhausted. This definitely a couples disease. Thanks for posting. I’ll read more posts for insight. It is a terrible disease. I’m still reeling. I thought I’d get breast cancer like my mother. Never lung cancer. LRB
  12. OMG. I’m like a new post partum mother. Everything makes me cry. It’s been 5 weeks. Shouldn’t I be over this by now? LadyRoseBlade.
  13. I’m 5 weeks post op left upper lobectomy abs I was were you were 2 months ago. I even woke my husband up at 3 am and told him I couldn’t do the surgery. I’m still wondering how I got this as I have never smoked. It turned out stage 1 with no nodes or margins positive. All negative. I’m learning to take it one day at a time. And I feel stronger every day. I just joined this good. You’ll be glad you did. take care LRB
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