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  1. I too watched the show. I knew what the story was about but for some reason I had to watch. I cried so hard through the show that my eyes were swollen at the end. I really lost it at the "Dead Dad's Club" line. I feel the same way as George. Always kind of lost without my Dad. Denise
  2. Thank you all for your kind and supportive messages. I can't tell you how much comfort I received from reading your posts. It is so comforting to know there are people you understand how I'm feeling. God Bless You All! Denise
  3. I'm sure there are many others on this board who feel the same way as I do about 2006. I know it was the worst year of my life. I lost my loving father early in January of 2006. Not one day has gone by that I have not shed a tear for my Dad. I never imagined I would miss him so very much. Life will never be the same. While dealing with my own grief,I watched my much loved Mother go through the most emotional pain I have ever seen. As deep as my grief was I knew it was nothing compared to hers. Then in August she had hip replacement surgery which left her homebound way to long for someone grieving. I tried so hard to do everything I could to help her and lift her spirits. Well the toll of the last two years dealing with Dad's lung cancer and being the only sibbling there daily to help out emotionally and physically took its toll on me. After Mom was on her road to recovery I guess it was my turn to fall apart. I went into a deep depression in the Fall, I sought professional help having a strong family history of depression, I knew I needed outside help. Then to top it all off my husband came to me and said he was unhappy with out marriage. He has been feeling neglected the past few years. While I was tending to Dad's emotional and physically problems, trying to help my Mom surive this journey without losing her too, trying to be a good mother to my children and keep their life as normal as possible, working part-time outside the home and full time inside the the home. I quess I didn't have much left for caring for him. We are getting help, but it does not seem to be helping much. This was quite a shock to me as he told me there is a wall up between us and he can not seem to get it down. We are going through the motions for my kids, but I can tell you it was hard to go through the first Christmas without Dad, in a home with no affection or love from my husband. So at mid-nite tonight I will joyously say goodbye to 2006, not knowing what 2007 will hold for me, but praying for better days. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2007, full of God's miracles. Denise
  4. Beth, I'm so very happy that you have found peace with the Lord. Thanks for posting such an inspirational message, I'm sure your words will help many find some joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas Beth! God Bless, Denise
  5. She is a cutie!!! I know she will bring you so much joy in the years ahead. You and my Mom have something in common. You both lost the love of your live's to lung cancer, and a few month later where blessed with Great Granddaughters named Avery. Enjoy her Don.
  6. Dear Beth, I'm so very sorry that you are so lonely and sad. I wish there was something I could do to help you through this. I'm glad you are getting some professional help. I have also decided to start getting profession help this week. I miss my Dad so much every day, and I have so much fear and aniexty in my life it is taking me over. I wish we could turn back the clock for both of us to a happier time. I pray that you find peace soon. Always remember that I'm hear for you if you want to talk, or take a trip to the Mall of America. God Bless You Beth, Denise
  7. Hello, I'm very sorry you had to find this board, but you will be very happy you did. I also live in Minnesota and my Dad saw an Oncologist at the UofM Masonic Cancer Center. He saw Dr. Dudek, but there are a few doctors there that specialize in Lung Cancer. We were very happy with his care. Another possibility is the Mayo Clinic. We were told that the UofM is actually more advance on Lung Cancer research than the Mayo. I hopeyou hear good news and don't have to continue your research. Let me know if I can help in any other way. Denise
  8. You are not a failure at all. Everything you are feeling is normal. There is no right way or wrong way to feel when your heart has been broken and you are missing your loved one so much. Hugs to you. Denise
  9. Well, I thought I would add my thoughts on this subject. Ten years ago when my husbands father died of cancer, my mother-in-law started dating a man she met in her grieve group. It had only been 4 months since her husband had passed away. It sent my husband and I into a tail spin. We could not understand how she could move on so quickly. My husband questioned his parents love for each and marriage. Rumors were flying all over the small town she lived in, everyone thought is was terrible. They dated for two years, and then got married. At their wedding his four grown daughter and her two grown sons all cried, not out of happieness for these two, but out of grieve and realization that there mother and father were truely gone. Together these two have found happieness again, they share each others grandchildren and truely are in love. They were ready to move on sooner than any of their children were, but thank goodness they didn't listen to everyone else. They would have missed out on so much happieness. As hard as it will be to see my Mom move on and start dating, it is even harder to see the saddness in her eyes everyday. She is so lonely and sad without my Dad. She has been grieving my Dad for the past 2 years. Two years of sadness is a terrible way to live life. I grieve for my Dad everyday. Life is just not the same without him here with us. I also miss my Mom and her zest for life. She is a wonderful woman with so much love and joy to give to others. I hope she will someday feel that love of life again. I know my Dad would want her to move on and enjoy life. That is what he loved so much about her.
  10. Lori, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain, and I understand. I'm glad you took the day to grieve. I believe crying helps the heart heal. Denise
  11. Thanks so much for your donation Kasey! It is so sweet of you to sponsor us all. Denise
  12. jdjenkins

    I'm Buyin'

    This is great news Kasey!! I will definately celebrate with you. I'll drink just about anything to good news like this. Hope everything goes well for Fred. Denise
  13. I'm so glad you started this post Val. I have been feeling the same way. I sent my sponsor request out to all my friends and family, as well as my Mom's friends. I got a big donation from Dad's financial advisor and from my brother. But my really good friends never donated. They said they got the email, but never donated. I'm shocked and really disappointed, these friends have seen what lung cancer has done to my family in the last two years. Couldn't they give up a starbucks or two and make a small donation? People are funny when it comes to things like this. The ones you expect to help don't, and others surprise you with very genorous gifts. There is still some time left so maybe some of my friends will come through for me. I was really excited about this event, but when I see how hard it is get someone to make a donation it kind of takes the excitement out of it. I wonder if I was walking for breast cancer if I would have this much trouble getting donataion.
  14. I will be walking with my brother and sister on November 11th here in Minnesota. This is a great idea. So happy I can do something locally during Lung Cancer Awareness month.
  15. This news breaks my heart. The love and devotion you two had for each other was and will continue to be an inspiration to me. I pray for strength and comfort for you and your family during this time. God bless you Don. Denise
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