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  1. The gals in here might Boo me however here goes!

    Take it from someone who had 3 children.....quitting smoking for me was tougher then giving childbirth!!

    Your on the 6 th day so the worse is over and the government isn't getting any more taxes from the smokes to boot!! Whoo Who!!

    Congrats Kevin,


  2. This is a tough time for sure for both you and your family.

    I think in some cases we just know when it is time and we make peace. Your Mom has obviously reached that point. I truly will pray that this time you all have to together is one which is special to you all and your Mom is very comfortable.

    You have many friends here and you are in our thoughts.


  3. Dear Heather, I think the other members all raise very good points.

    I am very sorry for your situation and the emotional exhaustion as well as the physcial exhaustion you are going through.

    You are strong, dignified and have grace already, calling in family and outside agencies to assist will not change that. You can always tell your Mom you are calling in folks to help as you are a bit tired and need further support temporarily until things improve.

    Heather, the reality of the situation is that you have got to take care of You so you are alright to take care of your parents.

    Please explore palliative care assistance, community services, talk to a social worker maybe from the hospital from where your Mom was discharged. If your Dad was a veteran, there might be something there, etc.

    Your in my thoughts.


  4. Wow!! Are you reading my mind or what???

    Warm, warm welcomes. You know some of the emotions and feelings expressed in your post are exactly how I feel at times.

    Glad you finally posted and even more happy you were quite frank with your feelings.You know I think some of us can read your story and think that is how we felt too at times.

    Please do not be a stranger. It is just wonderful you are doing so well.


  5. Warm Welcomes Danielle, I am so glad you posted.

    Like you I spent some time (more even) reading, digesting and processing evertything before I posted.

    You know once I started treatment I found this to be the best place on the net. This is the place where those you have gone through it and those you are going through it share their experiences and knowledge.

    Please don't be a stranger. We are here for you.


  6. Dear Msjenfa,

    Warm Welcomes and even more so Warm Hugs.

    Thank you for your kind words. So sorry you and your Dad are going through this.

    I had a massive tumor of my liver and actually another one again that developed between one cat scan to the next just prior to starting chemo. They are gone now and the quality of my life has improved immensely.

    Hang in there ad please do not be a stranger here. We are here for you.


  7. Hello Robin and Happy New Year. So sorry you are having a sore mouth.

    Mouth care during chemo is so important to prevent developing thrush which is a fungal infection.

    Chemotherapy can cause the lining of the mouth to become very sore, and small ulcers may form. These ulcers may become infected and thus lead to thrush.

    Using a very soft bristled toothbrush which will not irritate your gums, always rinse your mouth after you have vomited to prevent the acid from damaging your teeth, avoid food that are rough on the lining of your mouth such as spices, hot foods and raw veggies and crunchy foods and juices with a high acid content such as orange and grapefruit juices.

    When I first complained to palliative care of my mouth being sore, they immediately prescribed Magic Mouthwash with a ton of refills. It became a dear friend to me throughout my chemo. It is a mixture of different things made by the pharmacy department.

    At one point later in my chemo my sores turned into full blown thrush and I was provided with liquid Nystatin which is an antifungal. It did the job immediately.

    Please let your doctor know as soon as possible about your sore mouth and get some magic mouthwash to prevent the sores from becoming worse.

    Hope this helps and please let us know how you got along.


  8. Hi Mary Colleen, It was after my 4th chemo cycle that my counts were really down. I was so SOB that I found it difficult to just get to my car to go for chemo. My chest was so heavy that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. By the time I finished the 5th cycle, I was started on Neulasta for low WBC's and on blood transfusions for the low hemoglobin. By the end of the 6 cycle I ended up taking multiple blood transfusions and an additional Neulasta.

    Please address this with your oncologist as your hubby will need to get those counts as good as possible to get through the reamining cycles.

    Good Luck!


  9. I am glad that you found us here. I believe it is important that you talk about your feelings and vent.

    Please accept my sincere condolences.

    My dad passed away with lung cancer when I was a teenager and he never told my Mom nor any of the children he even had lung cancer at first and then held back a lot of information to us. His doctor told us later it was because he didn't want to put us through it but also he could not face having to say good bye near the end.

    My Dad was not a real, touchy, feely type of person and I think that he just could not find the right words nor could he cope with what he perceived would be the whole drama of us knowing everything. I spend years wishing I knew more and had spend more time with him during this process. He stayed in his bedroom with the door closed with only his little dog next to him. My mother tried to reach out to him and he resisted and would not talk about anything to do with cancer. We all deal with things in our way.

    Please know that we are here to listen and with warm hugs.


  10. Great big thank you's to everyone for lovely warm greetings!

    I think when I was first diagnosed I was too scared and did not want people to know it, then I got very angry and did not wish to post while in that state, etc....as I worked through the emotional impact of lung cancer.

    I am so glad I am finally in a place that I can talk about it. There are so many who are going through the lung cancer process. I just want to reach out and embrace them all and let them know, we are here for them just as you all were for me.

    Thank you Folks, thank you very much!


  11. Hi Aaron,

    Sorry, I can not comment on your actual question as I have small cell lung cancer. With small cell lung cancer, chest x-rays done even 1 to 2 months before may not show the tumors and yet a month later you can be diagnosed as extensive as it has spread so much.It is an evil beast. This also may be so with with your type.

    One thing I can comment on, is your right to receive copies of all tests performed on you. From the very beginning I asked, was put off and then demanded. There is not a blood test or any procedure done on me that I do not have a copy for. Now they know that on each return visit they have a release form waiting with a package containing all copies of scans, etc

    This is very valurable info for me as I pick everything apart, compare, research and am armed if there is anything I wish to question.

    As a nurse, I worry about things too much, I think...for instance, the radiologist that reads my scans is always the same person as I am in a study that requires this to be so, if possible. On my last bone scan, a different radiologiost read my report and used the "could" in it for a two new hots spots picked up in the shoulders which she thinks is arthritis. "Could" is scary for someone like us!

    My oncologist stated your bone scans are fine...which they are. However, upon closer look, I now know to watch carefully for any pain, etc in these areas. Thus the imporatance of having your own paperwork.

    Sorry, I wrote a book!


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