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  1. Welcome Newbie,

    There is a lot of information as well as experience from the patients as well as from the caregivers, family members point of view here.

    Settle in and ask questions. There has been some advances in lung cancer drugs and treatments since 1992. However overall research for lung cancer is dragging and is under funded.


  2. Welcome to this great place with tons of information and lots of folks with experience.

    I did as much homework as possible before going to the oncologist.

    I wrote all of my questions down so I would not forget them. I also had started my own alternative regieme prior to seeing the Oncologist. I ran each and every one by him. Right off the top he told me what for sure not to take and what he felt was safe and then what he was unsure of.

    I also have extensive small cell and have been in remission for a year and a half now.

    Good luck to you both and your in my prayers.

    ~Bummer~ Just looked at the date and realized your appt was today. Thought I would sent this anyway.


  3. Robin,

    I am hoping you have had a chance to be given a tour of the chemo room so you have an idea what it looks like. I was also very nervous on the first visit and I have a nursing background.

    I took a cd player and a very soft and soothing CD with me to help me relax and past the time. They will offer you an anti- nausea med and perhaps a mild sedative. (Depends on hospital, I believe) My advice, take both. The chemo nurses are very knowledeable and experienced) You will be in safe and in good hands. Do not expect to become nauseated as you very well may not on your first treatment or even have minimal nausea throughout.

    The Chemo saved my life so I now view it as a positive thing. Like Chris said drink as much water as you can before, during and for a couple of days post chemo. You can go to the restroom as much as you want during the chemo process. Drinking water is very important to flushing the body of any chemical build up.

    You can do it Robin and please let us know how you got along. We are all routing for you.


  4. Hello, my name is Valerie and I have lung cancer!

    It has taken me two years to say those two words aloud! The shame, the guilt and the remorse are for posts at another time. I am just proud I have finally said those two words.

    Two years ago today I found you all. I am a gift shop owner who was in the Christmas frenzy working. I closed early Christmas Eve of 2004 so the staff could go early to their families. I then collasped in front of my computer to research info on lung cancer as I was sure I was succumbing to it. Everything I read was so doom and gloom. I happened upon this site and read a few posts and decided right then that what ever happens I have a place to go and that it all would be okay.

    Prior to becoming a business owner, I spent many years nursing and supervised at local hospitals. I also became the nursing consultant for my province.

    I was a closet smoker.

    During the spring and early summer of 2004, I felt myself slow down and was becoming short winded so I finally quit smoking with the help of Nicorette gum.

    It seems thereafter things went downhill, I developed a cough and then hoarseness. By November I was so ill and each and every day became harder to get through. I was too embarrased and ashamed to see my doctor that never knew I had smoked. I think I just figured if I kept going and denied it all, it would go away. It didn't.

    I did not want to ruin the holidays for my family so I held off and finally went to out patients on Dec 29, 2004 with a collasped lung, inability to breathe and in great discomfort. The look on the OPD doctor's face upon reading my X-rays was enough to know my fears were in order.

    By the time, I went through the further tests, the surgeon told me the primary tumor was inoperable and I had only 3- 6 weeks to live without treatment and with treatment my prognosis was bleek. Then the oncologist felt perhaps 3 - 6 months with treatment if I responded very fast as my pulmonary artery was just about totally blocked.

    It is Christmas Eve, 2006, I am still here and so are you folks. Even though we have not met personally in here, each and every one of you that posted, unknowingly reached out, held my hand and walked by my side during my journey. Some of the people I have followed in here are now gone or have lost their loved ones, however they remain in my heart.

    Merry Christmas and Thank you

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