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  1. I haven't been here in a long while and just checked the board and saw that Nick and Keri's baby arrived Just want you all to know, even though I don't come here regularly, all of you are in my prayers....and always will be. My ma, is doing very well. Each day is a blessing and we are so thankful. To those of you that have lost a love one, my heart aches.....
  2. ma's kid

    She's here

    Sorry this is so late in coming, but haven't been *here* in a long while. ANYWAY, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ARRIVAL OF SOPHIA! I'm with *Nonni*...great Italian name Blessings to you, Keri and Sophia [/b]
  3. ma's kid

    A Sudden Shift

    I cannot imagine what you are going through, as I have not lost my spouse...just know you are in my prayers. Try and be *gentle* with yourself, ok.. Hugs to you, Teri Lib
  4. Kelly, Hugs and prayers...tears are ok and *mom* will be right there to meet the newest member of the family Lib
  5. ma's kid


    ((((Pat)))) You are never far from my thoughts or prayers. I am so glad you posted. Lib
  6. ma's kid


    Oh, Ry...I am so sorry and sad to hear this. Blessings, Lib
  7. Oh, I am so sad to read this, Welthy. God's blessing on you and yours. Love, Lib
  8. I haven't been here in a while but so glad I logged on today...Oh, Nick...congratulations to you and your wife. She knows Nick and is thrilled. ((((Nick)))) Libby
  9. ma's kid

    Rib Mets?

    Oh Tom...I am so deeply sorry to hear about your daughter. Holding you and your family in prayer. Libby
  10. ma's kid

    News about Bill

    So sad to read this, Teri. Gentle hugs, Libby
  11. Sweet, dear Carleen.. I pray for you nightly. We are here for you, whenever you need us. Love, Libby
  12. Hugs to you and I pray you find some comfort, flowergirle. Libby
  13. Oh my gosh! Congrats, to mommy and daddy That will teach be to be gone for awhile. Zillions of blessings and they are gorgeous! Hugs, Libby
  14. Heartfelt congrats, Aaron!!!!! Hugs, Lib
  15. Nice to meet you, Vespa. Sorry you have to be here but really glad you found us..this board is a wonderful place to come for knowledge, support and love My mom was diagnosed on a fluke as well. She had concurrent radiation and chemo. She took Taxol and Carbo. She DID NOT lose her hair but it did thin. Your mom kinda sounds like my mom..feisty, LOL. When she first started chemo she said if she got nauseated she would just pretend it was morning sickness! All she really cared about was being able to play golf again and she got her wish. She plays nine holes about every two weeks Lots of prayers for you guys. We're here for you Love, Libby
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