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  1. It was me i just forgot to log on lol........ its the pain meds doing that crap. I sat straight up in my recliner earlier and told my 12 year old he needed to shave his mustache. Everybody got a kick out of that one, Regards Greg
  2. Thanks all for some great responses. Very helpful information thats for sure. Between the time i posted this and now things have changed dramaticaly. I have gotten very ill. I am having another severely bad reaction to the chemo. CPT-11 i suspect. I cannot get rid of the chronic diahrea. The longest i can get rid of it is about 4 hrs. I also have had alot of vomitting,cramping,and pain. For now i am hanging in there but my Dr. and nurse dont want me to hesitate this time about going to hospital. I waited too long a couple weeks ago and i really about paid the price. Well at any rate i am sched
  3. Hello everyone. Well as you can tell my reading my profile info i have got liver mets. It started out as 4 of them. All of them fairly small. The largest was 2.5 centimeters i think ! When i was in the hospital last week we did another CT scan abdomine/pelvis. It showed 3 more lesions. All 3 small again. However, The problem is that the other 4 have grew ! I didnt ask how much but Dr. said considerably. I talk to him today i will find out exactly how large they are. Heres the thing. Up until now i havent been able to tell i even had them. That has changed ! For the last 2 days i have been sick
  4. I completed my PCI (18 treatments) on Sept. 30. I still havent got any hair growth at all except the back of my neck and the back of my head. My head really peeled badly after about my 10 th treatment. I used a over the counter petroleum based cream called Aquaphor it really worked well. Just dont apply anything prior to your treatments. As far as hair coming back goes i have to chuckle. I started losing my hair after the 4th round of Chemo. About the middle of August it started coming back. It was curly and all grey. My hair was blonde and straight before. lol.......... Well at any rate good
  5. Mo Sugar, I cant personaly comment however, I will tell you that yes there are several of us that have filed large personal injury suits against some of the big hitters so to speak. I wish i could comment more on my particular case but without talking to lawyers i dont know what i can divulge. What i will do is make a call tomm. and find out exactly what i can talk about on here. Just in hopes that it may help someone else. I will go as far as to say i am the litigant in a very large personal injury suit against a major tobacco co. Not a class action suit but a personal injury case. I will for
  6. Top 10 Party Games for People Over 50 Sag! You're it! Pin the toupee on the bald guy. 20 questions shouted in your good ear. Kick the bucket. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says bend over. Doc, doc, goose. Simon says something incoherent. Musical recliners. Spin the bottle of Mylanta. Hide and go pee! Life's Reflections 1. I'm not into working out. My philosophy is no pain, no pain. 2. I'm in shape. Round is a shape. 3. Ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you, but when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window? 4. Ever notice
  7. Poggie, sorry to hear the news as well. Just hang in there and be supportive of your mother i/l. Forget about the 1 year thing. They are telling me i have less than 6 months. To me i have as long as im supposed to have here no more no less ! Its good that you have a million questions ready for the Dr. ( i hope you have them written down ) get all the info available. Knowledge truly is power. Best wishes to your M/I and your family thru this difficult time. Regards Greg
  8. Jim, very very good stuff here. Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully others will read this post. I for one totally 100 % agree with all of this. Again, thanks ! Greg
  9. Mo Sugar, One suggestion for your problem ! lol........ get used to it ! Really, i had the same thing as well. It got really bad with me to where it was difficult to sleep because of my scalp hurting. It will eventually stop. I tried wearing a ball cap and my scalp hurt to bad to wear it. So hopefully youll just look at this as one of them small issues we deal with in our journey. This is kinda like one of the issues we discussed like the taste of the PCI. lol........ hope this helps some. Take care. Greg
  10. Veronica, I too had trouble eating especially early on in my initial treatments. I didnt have any pain or anything it was just food did not appeal to me at all. I lost quite a bit of weight. I started taking a liquid drug called MEGACE. The clinical term is megestrol acetate i believe. It has been a god send for my appetite and i still take it daily. I take 20 ml. per day and i have got one heck of an appetite. There is also another one called marinol i believe that works similiar to megace. Both are designed to stimulate the appetite. I have not had any side effects related to taking this med
  11. Rosie, You have asked some good solid questions. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answers to some of these. There is alot of info out there to help you start to make some choices for yourself and to help your mother out as well. www.blochcancer.org this is a good place to look for some quick answers. I agree with Don Wood i would make preperations to go ASAP. Small Cell is not a death penalty however it is a very aggressive and swift moving cancer. Left untreated it is fatal. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to your mother and your family as you start your fight. Feel welcome here. We ar
  12. Kristi, sooooo sorry for your most tragic loss. Deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Greg
  13. Gamom, I am one not to speculate when it comes to posts like this. However, the comment you made about the Dr. looking into your mothers in laws eyes and saying it didnt look like cancer could very well be a fair statement on the Drs. part. During my original Bronchoscopy and biopsy i asked my Dr. directly after the procedure what it looked like and she said it didnt look good. She stopped short of telling me it was in fact cancer however. Pulminary Drs. are so trained at what they do and see so many cases of cancer that yes in fact they can tell by looking a good majority of the time. Unofici
  14. 26 years ago today we lost my father. My dad Melvin fought a long battle with lung disease and eventual lung cancer way back when there was little treatment and even less hope for chronic pulminary problems. A little history about one of the toughest men i ever knew who will always be my hero. My father was diagnosed in 1959 with black lung disease. he had a grapefruit size tumor in his right lung and his lung was consumed with the effects of breathing coal from years on the railroad. Drs. removed his entire right lung and gave dad very little chance of recovery. Well, in 1960 my father filed
  15. Deb, its good to hear from you. Add my name to the same list as understanding as well. I was away from the boards for almost 5 months because of lack of a pc. However, even when i did come come i lurked for a good 6 weeks. I felt exactly the same way. I for one always enjoyed readind your post and replies. Please jump back in Deb we miss you ! Smart move scheduling an appt. for your asthma. This can be a serious and even fatal condition if left untreated. Lots of folks die like this every year its nothing to be taken lightly. Stay away from that spackling huh........ welcome back Deb.
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