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  1. Hard to believe last April was my 1st year anniversary of my RLL lobectomy. Of course that means it's CT scan time again (last one was October of last year). Here's hoping for likewise good results!
  2. my LRLL. Aside from my well-documented challenge with a chylothorax, I've been feeling great. Normal activity results in no SOB and aside from the occasional twinge, there is no pain. I can walk stairs without SOB as well. Iin fact, I try to take the stairs (in lieu of the elevator) whenever I can. Yard work (including mowing) is no more difficult than before this experience. I've had one scan since, which was good. Next scan is in June, hopefully with the same results! I hope this helps anyone who is facing the same challenges we all are in this group.
  3. There's not really much I can add to the numerous excellent responses by others but I'll add that I also had a lobe removed last April (right lower), done VATS and the process was much easier to go through than my overly active imagination allowed me to believe. I never needed any pain meds stronger than acetaminophen and ibuprofen and even those, only for a few days after getting home (I was in hospital 1 night). Aside from some complications I experienced that I'm a now past (I'm part of the lucky 3% who do!), I've been doing fine So far, NED. You'll do great, I just know it
  4. When this journey started for me, the nodule they found in my RLL was incidental to a scan I had to see if my diagnosed prostate cancer had spread (it hadn't). I guess I was lucky (if one can call it lucky) that my NSCLC was discovered at such an early stage. So, had the prostate removed at the end of January and my RLL at the beginning of April. Then, back into surgery at the end of June to fix a chyle leak. It's been an interesting year. Anyway, the results of my latest scan is the effusion is greatly reduced and NED otherwise!
  5. The results of my CT Scan are posted on their website but I am not going to look (learned my lesson about test results without context at the beginning of this adventure). Phone consult with my pulmonologist tomorrow afternoon. I'll know then
  6. After all the fun I've had with the aftermath of my RLL (https://forums.lungevity.org/topic/52143-probable-chylothorax/), I'm actually kinda anxious about the results of my upcoming CT Fingers crossed....
  7. Well....I reward myself (for behaving during the week, at least food wise , by splurging once during the weekend. Cheeseburger, Mexican or Hawaiian food, pizza, etc.
  8. Here I am, over a month later since my last update and I'm doing great! I'm back on my regular diet (although I have to admit I still watch my fat intake so as to maintain my boyish figure ) Doing all my normal activities again and no breathing issues Next CAT scan is due at the end of October and hopeful things remain good.
  9. I had a RLL done on April 3rd of this year. Recovery was much easier for me than my imagination had led to believe it would be. However, 8 weeks later I developed a chylothorax (the details of which may be found at https://forums.lungevity.org/topic/52143-probable-chylothorax/). Bottom line is the actual surgery (and recovery) was surprisingly easy for me. Very little SOB (which resolved after about a month) and no more pain that couldn't be managed by acetaminophen. I am back to my usual routines and life at the moment and feel pretty damn good!
  10. Not yet but I'm working towards it! I've increased my fat intake by 40% up to this point. So far, so good (I have 2 more weeks before I can go all out on fat content! Then Carl's Jr......look out!)
  11. I think this is probably the last post I need to make on this issue but..... I'm on Week 2 of increasing my fat intake (by 20% per week) and am happy to report no respiratory symptom changes. I am breathing well, not out of breath with moderate activity and the twinges of pain have all but disappeared.
  12. I'm not a terribly physical guy, at least not in the sense of walking/running/biking! What I am is a car guy who loves working on my cars. Does that count as needing lung rehab?
  13. Just got done mowing the lawn (for the first time since I started this thread back in May) and I feel good! No SOB, no pain and no tiredness! A bit sweaty (my surgeon said I could do physical activity "as I can tolerate it". Well, I can tolerate a LOT! Good to be back in the swing. I'll take it!
  14. My surgeon (not pulmonologist) says the reason for the slow reintroduction of fat more to allow my body to absorb the leaked fluid and make sure the ligation area is well scarred. Figured I'd ask my surgeon as he is the "hands on" guy 😆
  15. I wanna cheeseburger I tell ya!
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