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  1. Hi Val,

    Its been 3 months for me and just today in front of a complete stranger I started to cry(very Embarassing) Im nowhere near feeling better...if anything It hits me harder now then before. I think our Moms were so special that we will mourn them always. My Mom was my best friend, staunchest supporter and biggest fan in addition to being my Mom. Thats a lot to get over. I pray tat all of us in this same condition can go on with our lives and make Mom proud...Janet

  2. I know what you mean....our Moms are the ones that make sure were looked after even when we are all grown up. My Mom also made me a cake every year and my brother too. Even when she was so sick she was trying to bake a cake...I hope everyone out there who still has their Moms appreciates them as thy are irreplaceable in our lives..Janet

  3. Hi Lynda,

    In my Moms case her cancer was inoperable because of the location of the tumor. Nobody ever gave us specifics which was very frustrating. Also, at one point we were told she was in remission. The tumor was not visible and the onc said it was remission and if that lasted 5 years it was called a cure but that was rare. Like you have been hearing...everyone is different even with the same diagnosis and stage...Janet

  4. Hi Val,

    I dont think you hurt your Dad showing him the photos...I think we all want totalk about and see pictures of our lost loved ones but when we do it makes is miss them at that moment. I agree that Moms are irreplaceable , I know nobody else will worry if I have a birthday cake every year even though Im 43 years old like myMom did every year.

    Happpy birthday...Mom is watching Im sure...Janet

  5. Hi Julie,

    My Mom was given 4 months and she went on to have a whole year with us and even a short summer where she went home to her house and was independent. I would visit even if she says no...they always try to protect us but I dont think keeping you away is any help to you. Best wishes for you and your Mom...Janet

  6. Hi Holly,

    I agree with you...I feel it was an honor and a privledge totake care of my Mom. Its been 2 months for me and it is better...I dont think about it all day but still sometimes the thought that she will not be there anymore can take my breath away. Im glad your Moms service was so beautiful, Im sure she was proud of you. Being here on this board seems to help me so I hope it helps you too. Love, Janet

  7. Hi Kel,

    I agree with you...Christmas went better then expected but on New Years when the ball came down I couldnt stop crying. It just hit me hard that 2006 was here and Mom was not. I guess all of the firsts(birthday, mothers day etc) will be sad.Janet

  8. Hi Martha,

    I know how hard it is but think of it as the last thing you can do for your Mom. I like to think that my Mom was there watching and was proud of what I did for her to honor her. It helped me to write the eulogy myself to tell everyone hoe great my Mom was and what she meant to me. Strength and courage to you to get thru the coming days. Janet

  9. I myself would be interested. I have nothing to contribute at this point but I am hopeful I will receive some sign or visit from my Mom. I know it sounds silly but I keep thinking who is taking care of her now that I cant?? I would like to know what everyone else has experienced...Janet

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