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  1. Hi Dave,

    So sorry your Mom is suffering so much pain. My Mom also complained of pain around her left shoulder blade but the doctor could never tell us what it was. It bothered her but I dont think it was excruciating. As for the sugar, I think its more important to just get her to take in as many calories as possible to keep her weight up. Hope things get better for Mom...Janet

  2. Hi Martha,

    Sorry to hear about your Mom being so sick. I agree with everyone else...it is worth the sacrifice to be there for our wonderful Moms. Nobody will ever love you like your Mom did or makke so many sacrifices and sometimes the tables are turned and we take care of them. To me it was an honor and a privledge even though I barely saw my husband and left my 2 girls a lot of times. It will be worth it you will see. Stay strong...Janet

  3. Hi Andrea,

    I was glad to see your post as I had a similiar thing happen. My doctor did blood work and the nurse called and said he wanted me to see my Moms oncologist asap. If you are paranoid, so am I. I have the appt on Thursday and whenever I think of it Im a wreck...Good luck for both of us...Janet

  4. Sorry for the roughh time your Dad is having. It is really dangerous to get dehydrated...an IV will probably make him feel much better. My Mom liked a shake called Scandishake...it has a lot more calories then boost and ensure and it tastes good(even I liked it)Hope you find something that works..Janet

  5. Dear Holly,

    I am so saddened to hear of your Moms passing. We have lost another of our wonderful Moms to this horrible disease...I really hate it. So glad she had a peaceful passage. I pray that you will also find peace in the days and months to come but I know myself it is not easy to come by.Take care of yourself and a kiss to your sweet baby...Love, Janet

  6. Hi Lori,

    I know its so hard to bring up a living will/advanced directive to your Mom especially when she is so sick but I believe it is her choice. She may want to take the risk. I had this paperwork on my Mom as she did it years before the cancer showed up but we did not have a DNR(do not recesitate) Until hospice came in because I couldnt bear to bring it up. Hope all goes well with Mom ..you guys are due for a break...Janet

  7. Hi Martha,

    Nothing can really make this any easier I dont think. All you can do is be there for your Mom and keep her as comfortable as possible. Its hard when you have kids also but it also forces you to keep going no matter what. Hoping for peace for you and your family...stay strong...Janet

  8. So sorry yu lost your wonderful Mom...I am 43 years old and it is still so hard. You are never old enough to be without your Mom I think. And for yur sister, yes it is sad the baby will not have grandma but I think a great Aunt is also a wonderful thing to have. You and your sister should stick together...your Mom would want that. This disease sucks and there is no rhyme or reason to who gets it...it would seem like the bad, mean people would be more deserving but it doesnt work that way. Janet

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