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  1. Hi Lori,

    I also have no experience with what your Mom is going to have done but will pray for your family. So sorry for all the rough times you all are having, hope you get some relief soon. I remember when my Mom was first diagnosed, the doctor said get ready as you will be on a real roller coaster ride. He was sure right and I never even liked rollercoasters..I was always scared of them. It was indeed a scary ride with highs and sudden drops that took my breath away. I know at times I just wanted off and I felt I couldnt do it anymore but just like you ...there isnt a choice.. You have to do your best for your Mom. Strength and courage to you Lori...Janet

  2. Last year I had the same question with my Mom so I spoke to an infectous disease doctor and we went ahead with visitors etc. We kept antibacterial soap around..washed hands frequently, taught my kids how to hug Grandma safely(not breathing on her face, not touching or kissing hands or faces)My Mom never did catch anything but I was sick on and off all year.....Hope you all enjoy the holiday..Janet

  3. Hi Karen,

    My Mom did not hit 80..but she was 78 so pretty close. She would not touch a computer in a million years so I agree with the last post. I completely understand how hard it is to watch your Dad decline..It really makes you feel helpless. When we had togive my Mom more calories, in addition to boost we used an ice cream called Magic cup(lots of calories,small amount of ice cream) and Scandi Shake(more calories then Boost by about 400)She liked thes 2 items. Also we used mashed potatoes with extra protein(powdered milk) ,sour cream, and butter. She was able to regain the weight she lost initially. Hope your Dad improves...Janet

  4. I also caught many colds while being my Moms caretaker...I was very careful to wash my hands constantly and well and not to touch my face afterwards. I also used gloves when touching Mom just in case. If you dont sneeze or cough near her and are careful she should be ok. Is her WBC count low???This will make her catch cold more easily. Good luck...Janet

  5. Hi Madison,

    I agree with you ...no one will ever love us like our Moms did. I also cant imagine the rest of my life without my Mom. I dont think there is any way to deal with their passing...I hope that time makes it less painful for us and that we can better remember the good times and not the cancer times. Janet

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Im just wondering about everyone elses experiences...I thought I would feel my Mom around me..we were so close. But it feels like she disappeared??I really dont feel anything except a big hole in my heart???What do you guys think??? Janet

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