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  1. FDA alerted healthcare professionals of reports of patient deaths associated with the use of radio frequency (RF) ablation devices during lung tumor ablation. Patient selection, subsequent treatment, and technical use of the RF device, including placement and operation, may have contributed to the fatalities. While RF ablation devices have been cleared for general indications- ablation of soft tissue by thermal coagulation necrosis- the devices have not been cleared specifically for lung tumor ablation. Healthcare professionals should use caution when operating RF ablation devices, adhering st
  2. Amen, Rich! Looking forward to reading your ten-year message right here. You are one remarkable person - you know that, right? With best regards, Teresa
  3. I am so sorry, Randy. Having just lost my Crystal cat, I have some idea how sad you must feel. Daisy with your wife in heaven is a lovely picture to contemplate; I hope it gives you some solace. - teresa
  4. "the uni-boob issue", Snowflake!
  5. Flowergirlie, I am so sorry that your beloved husband is gone. Peace to you and your family, Teresa
  6. Oh Barb, I am glad you are somewhat better now. Please do not let it get this bad again before calling your doc. With prayers (always) for improvement, Teresa
  7. Admitting that things are not right, and seeking help for yourself are acts of courage! Everyone here knows that; do not let anyone say otherwise. I bet your Mom would be proud of you now. With wishes for better days soon, Teresa
  8. I've seen these before (except of course Welthy's orginal contribution!), but every time they crack me up. Thanks for a laugh, Ann. Your're so good at finding these funnies! - Teresa
  9. Just saw this one today: I am deeply sorry for the pain you must be experiencing. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you now, I can only tell you that I'm wishing you peace, Teresa
  10. The Columbia River Gorge national scenic area. Driving the scenic highway you pass countless waterfalls, tiny to huge. The highest is Multnomah Falls, 500 feet high. You can see the dramatic change in topography and climate as you pass over the Cascade range into central Oregon high desert. Spectacular!
  11. Missy, I love dachsunds! Two of my sisters have had them. How beautiful that your Mom's is there to share the journey. Thank you, Don. I know this pales in comparison to the troubles usually voiced on this board, but our pets are indeed family. She was much loved. Flowergirlie, thank you. This morning is the first one in 10 years that I have awakened to a world without Crystal. And, yes, the world's the same - but a little bit diminished. Beth, I think pets show us what our relationships can be if we remove all guile, all pride. You are so right - it has much broader meaning than our l
  12. Just thought you all might wish to know: today our little Crystal girl was gently put to sleep, while my husband and I held her and whispered to her that we love her. She took a turn for the worse Saturday. Last night, I took out the sleeping bag & slept beside her on the floor, so we had one last night close together. My husband returned from his business trip this afternoon & immediately we headed to the vet. She did not deserve a second day in that condition. We will miss her terribly, but we know that our grief comes directly from the love she brought us. Just a few random pers
  13. 44% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category. A lot of my responses were "Great Lakes" region. Which is right, since I grew up in Ohio.
  14. I'm sorry that you are going through such pain, Loretta. You deserve your time to grieve. So cry for a while, curl up & sob if you need to, and then you will have more strength for the work that lies ahead. I do not know how it is, because I've never been in your position, but nonetheless you have my sympathy. With best wishes for you on your difficult journey, Teresa
  15. Thanks. It does not sound especially good (Stage IV - bone mets.), although she was upbeat and so was her doctor. They have 2 young children, too. Such a shame. - Teresa
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