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  1. Randy, you are doing us all a grand favor. Thank you.
  2. icbn


    Antibiotics of the tetracycline family (doxycycline, minocycline) by mouth are an effective therapy for rashes and nail tenderness, usually administered for two to four weeks. These cleared my Tarceva Fingers up rapidly. But am no longer on them , so my fingers are bleeding on the keyboard as I type. This is a good link for EGFR side effects. http://www.plwc.org/portal/site/PLWC/me ... 730ad1RCRD
  3. I had a small rash at the beginning with Avastin.
  4. No, I don't believe it is normal to experience chest pain or tumor pain after chemo. Please call your Oncologist and report this. Make sure it is not a heart attack.
  5. icbn

    My Little Ella......

    Ella helps us remember that life is good. She's beautiful, Ann.
  6. While only chemo is used on sclc, I believe other procedures could be available for tumors from mets. But Pet scans show a lot of lesions. The lesion could be the beginning of arthritis, muscle strain, inflammation or a hundred other things. Your Oncologist probably didn't mention it if the SUV values were low, or that the CT portion of the PET/CT scan showed no definable tumor. I have read your other posts. You are in a tough spot. If you have explained to your husband how you feel in a supportive and non-threatening way it is all you can do. He sounds like he is in major denial. Th
  7. icbn

    Gamma questions

    Moving fast is good. Radiation oncologist usually proceeds at a faster pace than Chemo Oncs.. Look at it this way, if they didn't think it would help they'd move at a crawl or not at all. Gamma knife has been around awhile and is a proven intervention. Your Mom is in my prayers.
  8. Bald, silver, curly or straight, I think women who are LC Survivors are HOT!
  9. icbn


    Congratulations Cindi. I am extremely happy for you and wish you continued victory over this thing.
  10. Avastin has produced serious bleeding issues in about 31% who use it in trials. It was foumd mainly in those with Squamus cell carcinomas. Avastin has been FDA approved only for those with non-squamus cell LC. However, I have squamus cell cancer and a very strong dosage on 695 mg of Avastin every other week. My chances of bleeding problems at 31% pale with the 100% chance of dying if something doesn't work. The steroids help in reducing inflammations, swelling and gives a temporary boost in energy. It is a normal step. I get a 20 mg dose IV every week in infusion of chem. Morphine if
  11. What!!! LCSC let a spam **Word not allowed** email get through to some members? I didn't get one, so could someone forward it to me? ...Just for educational purposes to make my judgemental, indignant rants more juicy.
  12. Nothing is ever straight forward and simple. A recent study indicates that the use of Celebrex is counter indicated. At least as a second line addition to chemotherapy. The results showed that, "One year survival was 24 percent among patients treated with Celebrex and chemotherapy and 36 percent among patients treated with chemotherapy alone." http://www.thecancerblog.com/2006/10/27 ... herapy-no/
  13. Rotten lung? That sounds Grimm.
  14. I had a port during my first line of chemo. Not now during my second line. It was great for infusion nurses. They are trained to use the port. But not one PET scan tech, regular nurse to draw blood or anyone else outside of surgery and infusion were allowed to tap the port. So I'd sit there with a port in my chest as the tech prodded and probed for a good vein in my hand or arm.
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