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  1. Hi Kah123, I have lived almost 11 years with this now. I get very short of breath just going up a flight of stairs. Heat, humidity or smoke definitely does not help. I also have trouble walking against a strong wind...it just sucks the breath out of me. I've tried lots of things including years of yoga breathing exercises....my right diaphragm has not dropped a bit... so it seems permanent. I think the docs do not like to talk about it. Is your chest numb anywhere? Barb
  2. I am so sorry to hear that ConnieB is gone. She was a tremendous source of comfort and inspiration. I will miss her..... for now. But one day, we will all be together again. We'll get to talk to each other face to face. And there will be a ton of things to do and laugh about. And with ConnieB there, we will have fun. Barb
  3. Ten years ago today I got up at 5 am and flip-flopped my way across that cold dark parking lot and into the hospital lobby for my thoracotomy. The husband just gave me a dozen pink roses and a happy 10 year "anniversary" card which he annotated into a cancer survivor card. He said the store was completely sold out of the 10 year lung cancer survivor cards. Barb
  4. Good going ts! Good for you. Sounds like the rest is helping. Barb
  5. Welcome Dave, I had concurrent chemo and radiation too. Mine was right after surgery because I had a bad margin. That was 10 years ago. Good Luck on your treatments. Barb
  6. I've had lots of smokers and non-smokers ask if I smoked. I guess smokers are hoping I will say "no" and non-smokers are hoping I say will "yes"? Maybe the the non-smokers have a loved one who smokes and they are looking for more leverage to help convince them to quit smoking. Many of my non-smoker acquaintances think smoking is a stinky habit. They are sick and tired of wading through smokers at the entrances of grocery stores, theaters and rest areas. It makes it harder to generate sympathy for smokers who get LC. Barb
  7. blaze100

    my mom

    Hi Atlamberg, I am sorry to hear this about your mom. You might get more information about Kras from our medical expert Dr Jack West at http://cancergrace.org/board-of-directors/howard-jack-west Hugs and prayers, Barb
  8. blaze100

    my new birthday

    Geri, I pray all went well in the hospital. Barb
  9. That is amazing Donna. I hope she is still doing well. Barb
  10. Actually it does. Thanks Ned. Barb
  11. Oh heavens. It was a long time ago anyway... Just got to wondering if anyone else had similar experience. Barb
  12. Yes, it is the same insurance admin service. They took 8 months to pay my bill at the hospital for surgery, and that was a preferred provider! And I had double coverage because my husband works at the college too. It wasn't much fun having that bill hanging over my head while I recovered from surgery, chemo & radiation. I think - maybe I'm totally off - that there is a difference in how they treat cancer claims based on the diagnosis. Barb
  13. I belong to a self-funded insurance though the college where I work. When I had LC, our insurance was a pain in the you know where. Nothing but a hassle, late payments, denials, impossible to contact, etc. Now one of my friends has BC. She is on the same insurance. She says our insurance has been nothing but sweethearts through the whole process. Do you think the insurance people treat LC differently the BC too? Barb
  14. I love this video. I'm sure this must have posted already somewhere on our site, but in case you didn't see it.... www.lunglove.com Barb
  15. Hi Kermsgirlie, I have some bubbling noises when I lay down flat or on my bad side. The bubbling goes away if I lay on my good side. It's pretty much been that way for last 9 years. I have the rubber sounds too. It is like wet gloves sliding on glass. They have a name for it - plural rub I think. Did you loose your entire right lung or just part? I hope your pain goes away soon. Barb
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