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  1. jessica, Don't listen to the statistics they are numbers. Take each day and embrace it with your mother. My MIL has SCLC and husband is an only child and afraid but, she is fighting. It is ok to be scared and afraid.
  2. I also live in michigan my MIL was dx with small cell extensive in December 2005. This place is great lots of info and good place to talk..
  3. Well, i am glad you finally found us. this place is great. Everyday i touch my bracelet and think of you and pray....
  4. ((((((MOM))))))I am so glad that you have finally posted on here. I love this place there is alot of great information and alot of people with the same thing you have that are fighting just like you. Robert and I are so proud of you....
  5. welcome to the board... i am also in michigan new baltimore area.
  6. katieb my boos just got back from dallas she said it was bueatiful there
  7. nope never but if i did i would have a few questions and a few comments for him. have you ever rode a horse on a beach at sunset.
  8. campbellsoupgrl


    does anyone know when we are gonna get any snow. I am so sick of this Grey i want snow.
  9. well, my therapist calls me the human do'er instead of a human being LOL. I plan everything right to the minute. My wedding i had everything written down to the tee and i was with in minutes of all my times i wanted stuff done. lol i have list for list for list.
  10. well, i have a shabby chic room in my house that i did just for me and i will curl up with a good book and read and lay in there and go off to dream land in the room that is all my own. I am surrounded by pictures of my family who are older or have passed and they are looking over me.
  11. i am not sure about the insurance payment stuff i but the local lions club and or the masons sometimes will build or donate a ramp or lift to people in need. They gave my cousin 1500.00 for aunt so that he could build her a ramp for her house. those are just suggestions.
  12. My mom and i watch "gone with the wind" when we are sick or having a girls day at her house my mohter has a room in her house that is nothing but gwtw collectiables.
  13. well in high school i was spanki like the dare devil cause my last name was spangler and as i got older i was call vernors like the pop because i was addicted to it. Now umm they call me fer cause my first name is jennifer
  14. well, i just wanted to type "OH MY" sorry a little late
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