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  1. Patty

    Roll Call...

    Don't think anyone misses me too much but I am still kicking. Been back & forth coming to the boards, always sad to find about the never-ending, inevitable deaths everytime I come back. Trying to fight major depression among other problems. Had my last chemo/radiation treatment in fall of 2006, for that "suspicious spot" no one seemed too concerned about. Staged from 1B in 2005 to III in 2006. Been very bitter/angry about things. Lucky too I guess. Still have a whole 15% chance of being cured. Better than nothing, though, right? Tried to make my life better by doing some psyhological and diabetic treatments for a few months. Both of which failed and left me feeling both mentally and physically worse. Took time to recover from that, but am still getting all the help I can right now from a little less & different medicationing & another new psychologist. I am better, try to enjoy life the best I can, whatever I can, whenever I can, but still waiting for the crash again. Thanks for listening, Patty
  2. This always happened to me whenever I left a job. It's like if you don't work there anymore, then you can't be friends anymore or something. Even when I didn't have cancer and it is even worse now, since I've had it. People (friends,family,neighbors,associates) have all really let me down in some way or another. I don't buy the excuse that they don't know what to do, I really think that they just don't really care enough to think of something-anything. I think selfishness comes into play with them also. A simple phone call, a card, just let you know they are thinking of you. It's not that hard, as far as I am concerned. I am still very hurt and angry over all the let-downs & constant disappointments. Some days I don't feel so angry and hurt and some days I do. Hope this helps in letting you know you are not alone and it has helped me also. Thanks, Patty
  3. You do what you think will be best for you, Lilly. I am thinking for me that I don't want one until I absolutely have to have one. I have (hopefully) just one more 6 days of chemo and the nurses will leave the stent in for the week for the chemos that are consecutive-daily. Suppose it would be best, to get the port though, if my veins ever got real terribly bad. The best to you. Patty
  4. so terribly sorry, Deb.
  5. Thanks Jamie, I e-mailed them. Patty
  6. so very sorry Melinda. you are getting some good advice to hopefully help you decide what to do, which whatever it is will be okay. Patty
  7. Patty

    My Daddy's gone.

    so terribly sorry
  8. Patty

    1 Year!

    cheers and many many more
  9. Sending loads of prayers & thoughts for you both. Tell Joanie I hope she gets well very soon. Patty
  10. Patty

    DON M2000

    Congratulations and many many more posts...Patty
  11. Patty

    1 month

    I am so sorry for you ((((((((((Carleen))))))))))))) Keith is with you always. Patty
  12. Patty


    Oh jeez, Rich. So sorry to hear about all this, but hope you get better real fast. Patty
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