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  1. Don I was not as fortunate as you, I had 9 wonderful years with Ed. I am grateful for my daughter, son-in-law,granddaughter, son and extended family. I am grateful for the memories and able to remember them. Adela
  2. I am so sorry, that must have been so difficult for you, you were trying so hard to be with your Daddy. May you have rest and peace on the grief road ahead. Adela
  3. adela

    We said goodbye

    I am so sorry. Adela
  4. I met Ed at a pizza joint at the beach he was visiting his son. I did not want to phone him so I told him lets exchange letters so we did for a month. Then he flew in from Seattle for a weekend and the rest was wonderful. He introduced me to the Pacific Northwest and I introduced him to the Southwest. It was like fireworks and when I think of him it still is. He and I loved to go to car shows. His dream was a 1954 four door and to retire. We also loved to listen to the blues and I introduced him to Mariachi music he loved it. In a letter he wrote" I never knew what love was until I fell in love with you" Adela
  5. adela

    Last year

    Pat, I also felt frazzled during Ed's final weeks. We flew form LA to Seattle and for a week he had constant visitors. He declined rapidly. I too wanted it relaxing but I knew the people that loved him needed to be with him. He would want me to just sit I was busy making sure the house was kept up for the visitors. That is one thing I do regret and it has been hard to let it go. I wanted a storybook goodbye did I get all of the loveyou's I needed no. My Ed did not want to die, it was hard for him to acknowledge it. What I did get was the satisfaction that my husband died in the house he loved and the area he loved surrounded by those that loved him so. Is there such a thing as a good death I don't know. I just know you did everything possible to make sure your Brian was comfortable and loved. Adela
  6. adela

    We said goodbye

    I am so sorry at least you were able to hold her hand. Adela
  7. Kelly You have a new"normal". This year you don't have to do it all. The Christmas Parties, the baking, the cleaning, the gift buying(buy the gifts for the kids and possibly keep it to one or two don't drive yourself nuts)the Christmas cards, the big dinner you don't have to do it all. If you host Christmas Day dinner get someone else to do it. You need a breather.....you need some Kelly time. Adela
  8. I am sorry for your loss Adela
  9. adela

    My Mother

    Christine, I am so sorry for your loss. Adela
  10. adela

    Long Night.....

    Ann, I understand, hope you are able to rest tonight. Adela
  11. adela


    Val, your Father is lucky to have you. Have fun with the wedding arrangements, let's hope there isn't a Bridezilla lurking. Adela.
  12. adela

    Dad is gone

    I am so sorry Karen, Adela
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