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  1. I am not sure where to post updates. I have been giving updates on the intro board. You can see my profile on what's going on. My aunt is still in the hospital. Prayers or good thoughts needed. thanks.

  2. Thank you for giving us hope. My aunt had her biopsie on thursday and will get the results tommorrow (2/13). My aunt and her dh feel they have had the run around, because the last test showed dead cells. So, hopefully this last biopsie can find out for sure what type of LC. I feel they should have treated this sooner (chemo). Her Dr. was away for a 2 week vacation :roll: .I really think by tommorrow if there isn't a specific cancer named and stage, they need to get a second opinion. Time is of essence. My aunt has had many more tests then the ones I mentioned.I will keep you updated.

  3. My aunt(55)just found out that she has LC last month. :cry: She is not a heavy smoker. She just had 3 lumps removed on her left breast last fall.(The Dr. said they got everything) She was to begin chemo for that in January, but they discoverd severe breathing problems and she was spitting up blood. She had many tests and the Dr.'s concluded she had small cell LC in her left lung. The LC is inoperable because it's near the pulmonary artery. The LC is spreading fast. She just had another biopsie thursday (2/8)because they now can't tell what type of LC?? The breast cancer and the LC are not related.

    She is to begin her first chemo treatment on Valentines day morning. Please think/pray good thoughts for my dear aunt. We are all in shock because this happend so fast. Can the chemo rid the cancer or just prolong her life? Thanks for letting me share my story.

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