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  1. I, too had a sore scalp when my hair began to fall out and found some relief in shaving it off. Once shaved I got small, red irritations at the hair line, I believe these came from the rough wig liners. I finally got some relief by washing my scalp daily with a mild shampoo and after drying it applying a coat of Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion followed by a layer of heavy duty sunscreen. I also gave up the wigs in favor of cotton hats except when I leave the house.

  2. I, too was told that I had 30 days, 60 at the most to live. That was about a month ago and it definitely threw me into a tailspin. Since that time I've lost nothing but my hair, my strength is returning with the chemotherapy, I have zero pain and continue my daily activities much as I did a year ago before I was sick. Doctors don't know when we will die, that's God's business and I think they are wrong to predict what they don't control. My treatment, while adequate reflected the doctor's feeling that he was working on a lost cause. I've changed Oncologists and found that my staging was completely inadequate - no bone scan or brain MRI was done. In addition my husband, who was present during these pronouncements of my fate, has pretty much decided that I'm going to die any day now - doesn't set the stage for a great support system to fight the disease, he's too busy planning for his life once I'm gone.

    Having said all that, I am glad to know that my time is limited (30 days or 30 years) because I've never lived better or happier than I have since my diagnosis two months ago.

  3. Hello Jackie

    I'm sorry that your husband is facing this difficulty, it seems that he has wonderful support in you.

    I, too, have very high CEA readings (last one 1466) and was told by my docs that the reason it was so high was because I have mets to my liver making it difficult to clear out of my system. I don't know if they will continue to monitor it since it will never be normal until my liver function is restored.

    God Bless you both, keep strong. You have no idea the value of a caring and concerned spouse to people in our position.

  4. My name is Jan and I was just diagnosed with extensive small cell lung cancer with mets to my liver (approximately 30% involvement). I started Chemotherapy last week, I'm told this is the only available treatment for me but I'm currently seeking a second opinion.

    I was basically diagnosed by accident when a Cat Scan was of my chest and upper GI was done for what my doctor thought was recurrent indigestion. My primay care physician was as shocked as I by what it revealed - he told me to go home and pray.

    The doctors have given me a very poor prognosis so

    I'm amazed at how very well I feel, is this common? Except for a bit of tireness, I nap an hour or so each day, I feel quite well and go about my day pretty much as I always have. My liver is quite swollen so I look and feel about 6 months pregnant. I've also been startled by my high CEA readings, I don't really understand the implications of the CEA test, if anyone can enlighten me I surely would appreciate it.

    I've chosen to stop working to spend time with my family and focus on my health. I'm delighted to find this support site and have been encouraged by the brave people who fight this disease.

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