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  1. I was surprised to hear from so many people with their different stories. Mine was brief and I will update it. My husband ,Frank, 63 years old was diagnosed with nsclc in the right lobe with spread to his mediastinum, ribs and hips and liver. He was obviously a Stage 4. He is being treated at MGH in Boston and we do truly appreciate his team. He was lucky to have the EGFR mutation so he was put on a trial with iressa. It waorked for 4 months and then he was changed to tarceva, which he did not tolerate, nor did it work. After 2 weeks off he was put on carboplatin, taxol and avastin. Monday his scans showed that he was stable and he received his 3rd rxment with this chemo. Today he is exhausted and napping. We have a great family and lots of support but it is so good to find a group like you.
  2. Hi, My husband, Frank, was diagnosed with lung cancer, Stage 4 (small cell, adenocarcinoma) with mets to the liver, bones and mediastinum at the end of May 05. It has been a roller coaster ride since then. He was found to have the EGFR mutation and started on iressa. It worked for 4 months and then he was put on tarceva which never worked and made him miserable. Now he is on carboplatin, taxol, and avastin. Tomorrow we find out whether it has worked . If so he will continue on it. He is tolerating it very well . We are praying it has worked. Do any of your doctors' believe in doing CEA's as a marker. My husband's last one was in the 1200's. I have been needing support and will gladly give some if I can be of help. Jackie[/b]
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