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  1. Muriel, I loved reading your post!! Thanks Judy, I look at every day as a gift. Sure, some days are not as good as others but all in all I feel as if I can beat the "beast". I just have to super vigilant in observing/checking my body and its responses. For the past 2 1/2 years I've been a hospice volunteer visiting a patient who was given up to 6 months. "My Lady", as I like to call her, is still eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream for lunch and wiggling her big toe to the beat of the music. She turned 81 last July. In my "Living with Cancer" Group we have a member who is 80 years old.....she's had lung cancer twice, breast cancer twice (second time in her scar) and colon cancer. I aim to be like her. Keep your spirits high and your fighting resolve strong. Love and Peace
  2. I am happy to report in as a 5-year survivor of lung cancer (February) and a 3-year survivor of throat cancer (June) Life is good, one day at a time
  3. Congratulations Jamie! You've come a long way
  4. I am a 3-year survivor of NSLC as of Feb 17 and a 10-month survivor of Laryngeal Cancer (last rad June 3, 2007)
  5. Had thoracotomy 2.9 years ago for non-small lung cancer; left upper lobe was removed and I am a survivor. Got last Friday's PET results today - NED Thoracotomy site was painful for a while and I had to learn to take pain meds as needed and not let it get too bad. Took Neurontin to help with neuropathy and also had physical therapy (heat, scar massages etc) to aid healing. Prayers are with you........ Rose
  6. Best of luck Connie! It sounds like you'll be in good hands. You'll be good as new before you know it. Rose
  7. Your feelings are so much like mine and I am waiting for the day that they are not so confusing - like the morning I woke realizing that my lobectomy site wasn't that painful anymore. I applied for Social Security Disability this past March and was denied. My doctors told me to hire an atty and fight it. So I did. But will I live long enough to see the administrative law judge in 2 years?? As part of this I went for psychological help and have a script for Prozac. I hope to better be able to stomach the "my, your throat must be sore to sound like this" or the " oh, but you are looking so good" comments without giving a nasty reply. There are days where it takes my all to just get out of bed and get dressed. Thank God for my husband. I can share most of my feelings with him but, like you, not all....One of us needs to be fearless.... Hang in there, share your fears, we'll listen and respond and validate them. Like John Wayne said: "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway" Rose
  8. Northern Michigan survivor of nslc for 2.9 years and survivor of laryngeal cancer for 8 months.
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