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  1. Dear Connie, You will be missed, that is for sure. But everyone here wishes you both a clean computer and most of all a successful surgery. We need you here lady, hurry back. Ginny Lost my sign on
  2. ginnyd


    Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend.
  3. Fine friends Fantastic family
  4. ginnyd

    What I just did.

    Whenever I complained about a bad haircut, my mother always said "It's not like you had your nose cut off, it will grow back". What a lesson in love. Thank you Katie.
  5. Heather, After Earl's lung surgery the scans showed some fluid in his chest, doctors words - they never said plueral effusion or whatever. They acted like it was the most natural thing in the world and it has shrunk.
  6. Dearest Norme, I, too, did not want to open your post, but care about you and your Buddy too much to have bypassed it. I am so sorry about the bad news, but so glad the doctors are saying, 'Ok let's see what we do now'. Every day that goes by may allow some research doctor to go WOW, I've got it, it works. My heart and prayers are with you and Buddy.
  7. Hey Heather, Some of us live on the better side of the Delaware (HaHa). Seriously, we live right outside of Phila and I think there are a few others. Keep us in mind with whatever you are doing.
  8. Please accept my deepest sympathy on the lose of your wonderful Mother.
  9. Andrea, My husband is stage IV - one brain met, one 1cm and change tumor in upper right lobe and some lymph node involvement. You can read his treatment below. The doctors have never said this was terminal and the only doctors that have given us stats have said he has a 30 to 40& cure rate. I'd like higher but I'll take that. We move forward slowly, his body has been abused. We have just started the 3 month cycle of scans and appts. Good luck
  10. Peggy, Earl had 3 taxotere treatments early this summer. He had to take some steroid the day before, the day of and the day after. The infusion only took one hour but he had to give blood and meet with the doctor, so it took the best part of 1/2 a day. He tolerated it very well. He doesn't think so but he never reads any of the posts here or anything about lc. He has no idea how some of you have had bad side effects from chemo. He felt nauseous for a few days and he was TIRED. Good luck
  11. Prayers heading up. Also, guys, please include Earl, he has his MRI this afternoon and his CT scan Friday morning.
  12. ginnyd

    Tim- Hospice

    Dear Kathy, So often on this board I wish I had a magic 'cure' wand. This is one rotten disease. I am so sad about Tim's condition. Take each day as a miracle. Hold each other, talk about the wonderful times, love each other. One of the biggest surprises I had as an adult was that life wasn't fair. I expected hard, but I also expected fair. Anybody reading the posts here would know that life is far from fair. You and Tim will be continued in my prayers, especially you Kathy, this must be extremely hard.
  13. From what I know of Judy B. I thought she would be running laps by now. I am so glad to hear the good news. Is their a dx on the mass on her spine? Will she do chemo? Tell her to keep up the good work.
  14. ginnyd

    Ada Waddell

    Dear Friends, Jim Waddell just called me and told me the very sad news that Ada died today. She had fought a long and courageous fight. I never met Ada in person but we had become phone buddies. How do you love a person you never met - I don't know, but I sure loved Ada. She was so wise and so kind. She had started a clinical trial recently - just hoping for remission. Jim said that she couldn't have her second treatment because of low blood counts and had to be hospitalized a couple of times. All of her family was with her. Ada told me everytime we talked that her Jim was the best man ever. She passed way too young. But, I believe that she left an everlasting part of herself in the heart of anyone who knew her. She fought hard, but Jim said that she was at peace. We know she is in heaven talking to God about all of her friends here on the board. I am now talking to God to grant her family comfort and peace. I love you Ada.
  15. Mo, Get Ensure Plus, packed full of vitamins etc and is 360 calories. Try it cold or at room temp. I used to put vanilla ensure and chocolate ice cream in a blender for Earl. He thought it was great. There are medicines you can take before eating to numb the esophagus. I think they only work for a few minutes so you have to eat quickly, but you don't want to lose any more weight. You have to maintain your strength to get treatments.
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