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  1. Hi! My dad was diagnosed as 3B and survived for 22 months. His only treatment was 4 weeks of radiotherapy and he was in ok health for most of the 22 months. Take care Jackie
  2. My dad passed away on Thursday 20th December at 12.10pm. I was with him and so was mum and my cousin Nikki. Thanks for all your replies.
  3. I have just got back from visiting dad and the docs say he has pneumonia. He is on oxygen now and was very sleepy while i was there. He became agitated a few times and we had to hold his hands to calm him down. I am going back tomorrow and staying as long as i am needed. My mum is in denial that this is the end and is still convinced dad will get better. My brother and sister are the same. I was very upset when i saw him but after the initial shock i was able to sit with him and hold his hand. I kept telling him i love him and kissing his forehead. now we have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for your support.Believe me it really does help. Thanks Jackie
  4. Hi! Thanks for your replies to my other thread Dad is now not eating at all and hasn't got long according to the doctors. He is still on a drip,but is now wearing an incontinence nappy as he is unable to go to the toilet by himself,he also has a catheter. I am in shock at the moment as the nurse who visited him a few days ago thought he still had a few months left. I am going to visit dad tomorrow as i am unable to leave my son with anyone as he is autistic son i have to wait for my hubby to finish his shift at work. I keep getting the shakes and my teeth keep chattering and i cant sit still. My poor mum is going backwards and forwards to the hospital and it really is taking its toll on her. Relatives have been told and mumis trying to keep everyone up to date. The docs say dad is less agitated when he has no visitors. I presume the no eating is a BIG sign that dad is near the end.Are there any other things that would let the docs know a timeline as to how long he might have? sorry for rambling on,i cant help myself. i'll keep you posted. thanks for being there Jackie
  5. Hi! Dad hasn't been doing very well the last week or so. He has been very confused and his sleep pattern is all over the place. He fell out of a chair twice this past week and my poor mum has been really stressed. Well today dad was admitted to hospital as he was so agitated my mum didn't know what to do. He has been put on a drip for dehydration and immediately my mum saw a difference and he ate some soup. He will stay in hospital for a few days and may go into a hospice but we are unsure when. My poor mum is wrecked and desperate for some sleep and to be honest i am relieved dad is in hospital as the level of care he needs is too much for him to be at home at the moment. Please say a little prayer for my dad tonight. Thanks! Jackie
  6. Well i visited my dad this weekend and i was so shocked at the change in his appearance. He is skeletal and so weak he cannot stand without support and needs help to get upstairs /toilet. He is eating only porridge and drinking lots of milk. He has terrible pain and cannot sleep at night at all. His nurse has prescribed him an antidepressant Amitriptyline to help with his sleep which has worked for the last 2 nights. They will consider steroids for his appetite next week. My poor mum is trying her best to keep him comfortable but she is finding it tough and dad does not want to go into hospital/hospice so mum is going to carry on as best as she can. I found it hard to talk to my dad over the weekend as i didn't know what to talk about. He looked so tired and sad that i just sat beside him saying little too him. Keep him in your prayers please. Thanks Jackie
  7. Thanks for your replies Dad had a visit from his Macmillan nurse today who has diagnosed thrush which explains his sore throat. She is thinking of prescribing him steroids to increase his appetite. I feel better today and not so worried that 'the end is near'. Thanks again
  8. Hi Sarah. The emotions you are feeling right now are normal and once you are over the enormous shock of the bad news you will feel better believe me. Sorry to hear about your poor mum. I am also in the UK (hertfordshire) and am going through the same with my dad. You have joined a great site and will get fantastic help/support from all members. Take care jackie
  9. Hi! My dads health has now started to decline and i am frightened. He is sleeping more and eating less,he is also confused and unsteady on his feet sometimes. What other signs should we be looking for? I presume that eventually he will become bedridden. It is heartbreaking as his 2nd grandchild is due in March 2008 and my dad has also been asked to give his niece away at her wedding in March as well.His sister who lives in austalia is also coming over to the UK in March as well so i was really hoping he would keep doing well. My poor brother will be devastated if my dad isn't around to se his new granddaughter. Dad is really reluctant for mum to call the doctors out in case he is put in hospital and never gets home again. We do not want him to go to a hospice and hope he will die peacefully at home. How do you know when the end is really near? Please pray for my dad Peter please. Thanks so much Jackie
  10. Jackie UK


    I'm sorry to hear of Johns passing. Take care Jackie
  11. Sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. Jackie
  12. Hi! My dad has been getting a pain behind one of his ears during the night so his doc sent him for an x ray. The new xray has shown a hole in his tumour that hasn't shown up before. The doc said it is nothing to worry about but i just wanted to see if any of you had any thoughts on why there would suddenly be a hole in his tumour. My dad only had 4 weeks of radiotherapy in Feb 2006 and is on mild painkillers for the pain he feels in his chest and behind his ear. His doc has now referred him back to the hospital so they can check out his ear problem. Could the pain behind his ear be an indication of a tumour on the brain? Thanks Jackie
  13. So sorry to hear the sad news about your dad. God bless Jackie
  14. Sorry for your terrible loss. Take care Jackie
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