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  1. Dear Katie, and all buddies here, today is a special day, my dad passed away for 5 years already. Time flies but the hurt, the wound is still as fresh as 5 years ago. These few days I dreamed of him....I thought I have already forgot all those pains but obviously NOT! When i come visit this website, it's well maintained. I feel being home. Well done Katie. Long live this site. Best Regards to all precious and lovely ppl here. Cheers from HK
  2. berisa

    2 years ago today

    2 years ago today, it was a heavy rainny day "Black Rain" was hosted and the weather was just best described our heart...heavy rain heavy tears and sorrow inside our heart. A group of family members, relatives, your ex-colleagues, my friends and pastor were in cementary. You were buried 2 years ago today...I can't believe it happened just 2 years ago, feels like it was happened very long time ago. My sorrow and grief is lessen...but still if you were here today, how good it would be! A passage from the Chicken Soup for grieving soul, the poem is really true : When someone dies, you don't get over it by forgetting; you get over it by remembering, and you are aware that no person is ever truly lost or gone once they have been in our life and loved us, as we have loved them. (Leslie Marmon Silko). Dad, my pain is getting less because I always remember you, my pain is lessen not because I start to forget you, you are never lost or gone my dear Dad!
  3. I like this story and find comfort from reading this, which is quoted one of the stories called "I'm Okay, Mom and Dad" from the book of Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul : A group of water bugs was talking on day aout how they saw other water bugs climb up a lily pad and disappear from sight. They wondered where the other bugs could have gone. They promised one another that if one of them ever went up the lily pad and disappeared, it would come back and tell the others where it had gone. About a week later one of the water bugs climbed up the lily pad and emerged on the other side. As it sat there, it transformed into a dragonfly. Its body took on an iridescent sheen, and four beautiful wings sprouted from its back. The dragonfly flapped its wings and took off in fight, doing loops and spins through the sunlit sky. In the midst of its joyful flight, it remembered the promise it had made to return and tell the other bugs where it had gone. So the dragonfly swooped down to the surface of the water and tried to reenter the water, but try as it would, it could not return. The dragonfly said to itself, Well, I tried to keep my promise, but even if I did return, the others wouldn't recognise me in my new glorious body. I guess they will just have to wait until they climb the lily pad to find out where I have gone and what I have become.
  4. Shelly, I was a bit paranoid right after my dad's death, I always thought cancer is just terrible and it can happen to anybody at anytime without symptom. Even now I am very health-conscious and my dad's death does really affect my living and my food intake, go get body check periodically etc. I think cancer is really horrible as it just like eating me, the fear dominates my mind. I wonder if I am over-alert. Shelly in your case and from your past experience, it's totally understandable. I just hope time will lessen all our worries....and being control our own minds to enjoy every moments that we are living..pray for all of us..
  5. Carleen, good to hear Keith and you are doing well. I keep think of you two...
  6. berisa

    almost 2 year

    I just browsed the webshots album, I just feel dad's death was so unreal as if it never happened, like he is still living, how come a healthy, strong man like my dad at his 58, can leave us so suddenly, 6 months after his diagnosis, he still looked so healthy, but in just 6 months after, he was dead...he looked so healthy, how come cancer can kill a person in just few months. I cried...as I miss him so much, he is so gorgeous, he smiled, he laughed just as if he is still alive. How can it be It's almost 2 year you had been gone. Dad, I truly miss you, when I am typing now, I just tear, I usually don't cry day by day, but when I sometimes am alone, I just miss you, when I look at your picture, I just tear....my heart still hurts, when i saw the picture you took durig 2003 x'mas eve, you didn't smile at all, i can imagine that how uncomfortable, how sick you felt at that moment because there was a brain tumor making you suffered. When I look back, I understand why you had such reaction. How lucky we were when we had you around, being our dad. Dad, are you now in somewhere, like in a planet in this galaxy? Can you feel my love, my thankfulness, feel my sorrow now? I will do everything to get you back if I could have a chance again and if i could do anything to save you. Reality is so cruel. You were too young to die. Dad, just wanna to let you know how much I miss you, how much I love you. Your Sin Yiu, big baby, your pearl and long-aired bag
  7. Michele My dad passed away almost 2 year this end of april. I can tell I am still sad, still cry for him but I am getting better when compare with the first year after his death. One truth is, our dad is forever in our heart...i believe he is in somewhere, having a good time and watching over us. Take care!~
  8. Hi Bron, He is not a human I can tell, he is too cruel to you. He said ghost words to you. But please don't put his words into your heart or make yourself sad as he is not deserved!! Only your dad and your beloved person are deserved for your sadness, your time. Your boss is not your friend, I guess his parents still survive and never have such painful experience. Hope you are feeling better soon. Btw, hope all is well with your husband...
  9. berisa

    Good News!!!

    I am so happy for you... Go celebrating!!
  10. berisa

    Fay A. Passed on

    That's very sad to lose a wonderful soul
  11. Cindy, this is a wonderful news indeed! Congratulations and I am so thankful !
  12. berisa

    A Big Loss!

    Sorry for your loss. This must be very devastated. Hope you and your family are feeling better now.
  13. I am so happy coz my sister yesterday night told me she is pregnant...I am very happy for her.....but with a bit upset as my Dad wasn't here because he was the one who most wishes us giving birth, being the Grandpa....he liked grandchildren and we didn't give him one while he's on earth. sister told me that she just teared right after the testing as Dad wasn't here to see the baby....it's sad, right?
  14. berisa


    Thanks Katie for update on Sandy....it is very nice to hear that she is so much enjoying her life.
  15. berisa

    5 Years

    hi I am so happy for you...
  16. i understand what you are feeling....i do also aware that cancer cases are increasing and just being happening around us or on us. Longer life expectancy is the main reason, our body is just like a machine, it surely will be total loss at certain time, our immune system is no longer strong enough to fight against the cancerous cells...there is many reasons causing diminishing immune system from external environment as well as the human nature. Since the medical technology becomes more advance and our life expectancy is longer, then cancer seems to be more likely to be happened. There must be one reason causing a man dead, it's just caused by either "natural death" or "disease" or "accident". I hope medicine can cure the cancer completely especially for one who is not old enough to die...I wish everyone will live more than age 80+.
  17. berisa

    Cold showers

    (((Beth))), I have no words for you but my heart fully understands what you feel! We are always here for you.
  18. Jane, I am so sorry. Cancer just sucks!
  19. I remember about this as well. thanks for letting me know it is published and I will definitely read through this as we can find what our friends said inside the book.
  20. Cindy, I am so sorry! Please accept my sincerest sympathy...
  21. Hi Beth, thanks for sharing it and I am so proud that I could share the last chapter of Bill here, seems that I were there. Bill was an amazing guy, you both had celebrated the christmas. Somehow i believe, patient itself would know how close they are to the end of their lives because they owned their body, they can feel it. I found some similarities from my dad's dying process, there was truly a moment his physical condiition had got better/rebounce, this is not subjective but it's true as I could read his physical readings from machines though he couldn't speak/wake up etc. It is very amazing that Bill met his Grandma in the room, and also the story of Bill's mum. Thanks for sharing as I also am re-assured that all our loved ones are now very good and having a reunion with others. With all my best thoughts to you, take care Beth!
  22. berisa

    Brian K Osberg

    Pat, I am so saddened by this news. My heart was broken for you! My deepest sympathy goes to your place.
  23. berisa


    I had 3 firm signs so far, I do believe our loved ones somehow try to convey messages to us supernaturally. I am so glad that you have such comforting experiences...
  24. My prayers and thoughts are sending to your way..
  25. berisa

    Dear Lord...

    it's beautiful, thanks for your prayers, I love this prayers and God must listen to such a beautiful prayer with beautiful heart.
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