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  1. First Dx (1b) , June 2003. Surgery (ULL) and chem. 2nd Dx (1b), Nov 2004 (URL). Although the two occurrences were about 18 mo. apart, doctors finally decided it was two separate instances rather than mets to the second lung. Last CT showed no changes. It was caught early. I was very lucky. Not so lucky: Uterine cancer dx'd April 4, 2012, stage 3 . Muriel
  2. Good to hear from you Donna! I am sorry to hear about your husband. I don't check this site very often. I knew he was ill, but hadn't heard anything recently. Stay well! Muriel
  3. I'm still here, too! I was diagnosed in May 2003 with Stage 1b NSCLC. Surgery (Upper Right lobe) and chemo . Eighteen months later the cancer returned to my upper Left lobe. Stage 1b, surgery, and chemo again. I've been free of that cancer since the second surgery. However, there are many kinds of cancer. Now I'm fighting stage 4 uterine cancer. I feel lucky to have survived lung cancer for so long. Muriel
  4. It's warm and cozy (and cloudy and windy) here. Expecting temps in the mid-80s. Nice work with your bird, Janet. That takes a lot of patience. I'm hoping your scan is ok and that you get into the trial you are waiting to hear about. Let us know about both. Happy weekend to all. Muriel
  5. Good to hear from you, Barb. Please post more often to let us know how you and your family are doing. Muriel
  6. Muriel


    Amazing! I'm really happy for you. Glad to hear that your hubby is showing improvement, too. Muriel
  7. Discontinuing steroids abruptly can cause lots of pains too. Did she gradually reduce the amount she was taking? Just another thought. Hope you get some clear answers soon. Muriel
  8. Muriel

    Scan results

    Fantastic! Muriel
  9. Lovely wedding pictures and family, Sue. Lisa, I've been wondering about my O2. How often do you need to recertify? How complicated? Eric, you have such adventures! Muriel
  10. Why do the CT without contrast? Will the next one be with contrast? Why not go directly to a PET scan in four weeks? Denise, it's been 9+ years for me and most of that time has been "maybe/maybe no." So sorry you have to go through this now. Muriel
  11. I tried and was probably most of the way through the survey when a page with Java Script came up. So, I gave up. Muriel
  12. Muriel

    What a Milestone!!

    CONGRATULATIONS, Kasey! I'm so happy for you. Could we get together for a drink at the Pub? Muriel
  13. Muriel

    5 years NED

    CONGRATULATIONS, Bruce! And best wishes for another 10 or 20 or . . . . . You're so thoughtful, too. Every year you mention me in your NED report! Muriel
  14. My story is almost identical to Judy's: Upper R lobe in 2003 and 18months later, upper L lobe, both staged at IB and as primary tumors. I also had chemo following the surgeries. Now I'm a 9+ year survivor. Muriel
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