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  1. Hi There, My Father had the hiccups. For him a small spoonful of peanut butter cured it. Worth a try. Let me know if it works for you. Best, Shirley
  2. Hi There, What about popsicles or fruits that are filled with H2O like watermelon or some grapes. Italian ice perhaps? Just some thoughts.
  3. Dear Sloan, My thoughts and prayers are with your family through this difficult time. Shirley
  4. Hi Paul and Michael, So sorry that you had to use this site. My Father was non smoker as well and he responded well to the drug Tarceva. Hoping that things keep on looking up for you two. Shirley
  5. Hi Susan, Welcome.... What a great friend you are. Shirley
  6. Hi There, I am so sorry to hear that your family is going through this. It's definitely tough news to be given. I remember when my Father was just diagnosed, he acted as normal as can be. He kept on working up until chemo. Part of being diagnosed is a grieving process. I think the fact that the doctors are willing to operate to remove the mass is a positive. Lots of luck, Shirley
  7. Hi Amanda, It sure does look like that you and your husband have nice sunny dispositions That will definitely be a positive force through this little bump. Keep up the great work you guys Shirley
  8. Hi Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my Father- Oct. 2006. It's definitely been hard. For me, it kind of hit me more after the first anniversary. Please send me an PM if you would like to connect. I think having someone to talk to who "truly understands" is a huge comfort. Best, Shirley
  9. Welcome. I'm so sorry that you had to be here though. The beginning of a diagnosis is always a whirlwind. Be strong. This site has amazing information and lots of knowledgeable people to help you out. Shirley
  10. Strawberries. The raspberry seeds really annoy me.
  11. My supervisor was pretty flexible. She let me take sick time to let me take my Father to doctor's appointments. (Her mother passed away from LC March of 2005) I was also able to switch days off too which was great.
  12. Teresa Dear, You have the strength already, you may not just be realzing it just yet with the whirlwind of your other emotions. The beginning was probably one of the toughest for me. We were sucker punched. If you asked me just a measly 3 years ago, I would not think in a million years that my Father would get dx with LC. The way I found my "strength" in the beginning was to research as much as I could - from second opinions to what kind of vitamins may be helpful. Researching and gaining that knowledge made me feel proactive. I did even more research when the cancer started to prog
  13. I think being "angry" is ok. Emotions - no matter good or bad are ok. Emotions are normal. I can relate to Teresa, it's very hard to think positive when I spent so much time watching my Father get sicker and sicker. However, I do think that over obsessing over it isn't healthy, but I think some troublesome thoughts are and are normal. This thought has affected me since the one year anniverary just past. It's really tough to think that a tumor could be growing in me right now and that I won't have any symptoms until it is quite advanced. I'm going to be honest, since I've been think
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