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  1. You are not responsible for anyone elses debt unless you signed and gave your social security number.
  2. I've read this three times and I laugh, laugh, laugh each time.
  3. So happy to hear you can plan on going. It seems you've got great for pan A or B. Safe travels. Gwen
  4. Trying to keep my children away from their Granddaddy is really hard. Then to nag the children to wash the hands and then worry for several days after the visit.... I say tell your Mom the children might be sick and you wouldn't want to spread it to her. Then if she really wants the chilren she can ask that you bring them.
  5. Dad has been saying all week. It is great to see Dad like this except now we have to stay away because the children have a bug. Dad has been sleeping better. He is eating better too. But, can only eat really bland foods. And it has to be homemade. Maybe the preservatives in process foods are "burning" his mouth.
  6. keep your germs to yourself. The children have a bug. It is so hard to keep them away from my Dad. My son with Down syndrome really doesn't understand. Dad has to push him away when he comes in for a kiss or hug.
  7. Woooh 399 on the first try. That was one soused Santa
  8. My Dad is still on his pecan pie kick. It has to be homemade, something in the storebought ones feels like it burns his mouth. Nuts make a nice rich snack.
  9. My Dad had one terrible episode with low sodium. He was miserable and his thought process was impaired. It took awhile to get the sodium levels OK and, like your Dr. said' it has to be done slowly and very carefully. But once he was well, he was very, very well.
  10. Are you complaining? I am the only one in this household not burdened with a "Y" chomosome. I am either the queen ... or the only one who knows how the retreive food from a location further back than the door of the refridgerator. I like to close the bathroom door. I'd really like it if I could close the bathroom door and not have children and dogs on the floor outside whining. If you pee on something and can't (won't) wash it, please tell me so I can wash it. Don't wait 'til I find out with my bare feet.
  11. Studley is a town not far from us here in Richmond, Virginia. My husband keeps house hunting there.
  12. It's the little things that add up. Ask BIL to hold the phone for your Sis so you can say a quick "Hi". She doesn't have to say a word. Of course offer to do anything.. but make some specific offers...eg: mail order soup, make phone calls to family or church, arrive on Thursday or Saturday...
  13. So sorry. I'm so glad you told us about your Mom putting a little love in your pocket. What a sweet Mommy. Gwen
  14. Yea Dar! You got a good Momma and you are a good daughter. and Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. It seems that you are making some progress, and some very good suggestions have been made here. My idea is out of the box, but could be kept in the back of the mind if an excape from the house is needed. . . . flea bomb the house (or just the basement) everybody HAS to be out for 4 hours and then air out the house for a couple of hours. (Hope the weather is mild). I'd call this plan X. There are a whole bunch of better solutions, but ....
  16. Dad recieved very good care in the inpatient hospice. He is much more comfortable and after 2 nights there he is coming home today. Dad was in a semi-private room. His roommate died yesterday. This was handled quite perfunctorily with less privicy than I think is proper. And kind of in our face as a first experience at inpatient hospice. No family was seen with this man, but the staff spoke of them:"We can't find the family."
  17. Dad has gone to an inpatient hospice facility to find a way to manage bladder voiding. He was self cathing because of an enlarged prostate for quite some time. When he became so very sick in June (cachexia) a Foly was inserted. He has relied on the Foly for these many months but his bladder was irritated and terrible bladder spasms finally lead to the cath being removed. For a day and a half he had almost no urine output and miserable discomfort. I'm not sure why the Dr. & nurse urged inpatient care over just catheterizing at home. But, I suspect Dad feels he is a burden when he is suffering so.
  18. I haven't had a hair cut for many months. Haven't washed my hair for several days. Haven't even combed it today, just used a hair band to keep it out of my eyes. I just caught sight of myself in the mirror and my hair looks good in a wavy, tousled sort of way. How did I get here? Hospice doctor and nurse and social worker all visited Dad yesterday. They were really great! Dad is doing very poorly. Bladder spasms have been terrible. So the catheter was removed. Now he has to eliminate on his own. He is in a diaper, but keeps trying to use the toilette, with little success. He has a toothache, but the nurse said to cancel his dentist appointment, just use the morphine. Today is the day I take on the school about feeding my son by mouth(the one with severe cerebral palsy[he has a g-tube}). I am ashamed I let them get away with not feeding him for so long, but I could not fight on so many fronts at one time. Gwen
  19. Three of the wheelchairs belong to my son. He is 12 and has severe cerebral palsy. He has the school wheelchair and two "babyjoggers", one is the kid one and one is adult size. (He is between the two sizes). He HAS to use a wheelchair. Tuesday, Dad's wheelchair was delievered. My son thought that was the coolest. With his Grandson smiling and laughing, Dad had to feel OK about it. Dad is using the children's sippycups. It's the tupperware one with the semi-clear lid and the larger sipper. A straw can be threaded thru the sipper. I also set up the baby monitor so he can call for help. His voice is sometimes very weak.
  20. I read your posts and I prayed for you and your family. You all did so many good things in so little time. I'm so sorry to learn your grandfather passed away. I'm sure it was hard on you all that it happened so quickly. Please accept my sincere condolences and prayers for your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  21. "Pecan pie." Dad answered wishfully, when Mom asked him what he wanted to eat. "OK" was her response. "There's pecan pie?" He asked incredulously. "yes. Gwen made another one after we all ate the first." "there's another one?" Sometime being forgetful leads to happy surprises. Dad accepted an increase in his morphine dose to better manage pain. So sometimes he is more than just forgetful. But, he is comfortable and rather cheerful.
  22. OK!! Will plan for flu shots!!
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