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  1. I'm new here and learning alot. I see "mets" mentioned but could not find it in the glossary. Thanx
  2. A shadow was just found on my Dad's lung 2 weeks ago. A PET scan is scheduled for Tuesday. Just last Thursday he was admitted to the hospital with severe general misarable pain and refusal to eat. The only thing found to be wrong Urinary tract infection and low blood sodium. It took awhile.... With IV antibiotics, morphine, fluid restriction and IV saline he can now tolerate life. It seems that once the Drs. were told of the cancer their opinion was.."well that happens". Well last week he walked 2 or 3 miles daily, played bridge (quite well) and ate heartily. They are thinking of sending him home with little preparation. He can't walk or even sit up these past days. Mom is a capable lady, but this is a new planet. My husband and I live 1 1/2 drive away and are raising 2 children with disablities. A 13 year old son with Down syndrome and an 11 year old son with severe cerebral palsy. I can go there alot to help , but I can not make it to them everyday.
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