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  1. Does anybody have any info on/or about fluid on the lungs or heart? What is it? why is it there? How did it get there? What can they do about it? If anybody can aswer any of these questions, Please let me know, Thanks,Aliboo
  2. I will say some prayers for him. I understand what you are going through. My boyfriends first scan was last May. We are getting ready for another round. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Aliboo
  3. I need a buddy really, really bad. If anyone lives near me and would like to talk. Please let me know, Thanks aliboo
  4. Renzo, Sorry for everything you are going through. My boyfriend is in so much pain right now that I'm not sure what to think or do. I'm afraid he will just give up. It's not my choice to make for him. We have talked a little about it. We are still hoping that he can beet this at least for a little while so that we can enjoy what we have left. My thought and prayers go out to you, Aliboo
  5. I'll keep you in my prayers. I understand what you are going through. Hang in there, Aliboo
  6. Thanks Again Everyone, At least I now have a list of things to ask where before I had no clue. This is still all too new for Us. The pain has been an issue from day 1. The radiation and chemo did help a little. Now it seems like he has built up a tollerance to the pain meds. I wish it were that he has built up a tollerance to the pain instead. The last time he went to the Dr. She was kinda not happy that he lost more weight but has not effectively addressed the pain. Then again I'm not really sure what goes on in there. I am deaf and I don't know what all he tells her or visa-versa. I told him today he has to be more agressive and demand that they do something instead of sitting there and taking it all as is. This is really beating him up. I thank everyone. I have never heard of some of these things before now, then again I never had to take care of somebody that had cancer before either. Thanks, ALiboo
  7. To All, First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has offered me advice. I really do appreciate it. My problem now is how do we deal with this pain. I am getting mad. I feel that the Onocoligist needs to be more aggresive. Van is getting sick from all the pain meds. He cannot keep food down. ANY kind of food. The chat with Dr. West helped. He said mabey consult an Anesthesiologist (sorry about the spelling) I am afraid that he will just give up because the pain is so bad. He is on Nexium, Morhine, Oxicodone,and he is alos taking a stool softener. He is frustrated. He is also 6'2" and weighs only 125 or less. I'm the one here all the time and nobody seems to understand what he is going through except me. It seems they could get this under control. Please if anyone has any Ideas. I do try to listen to everyone that replies. I just feel that no one on this end is listening to me. P.S. Off suject : how do you create the list of treatments and other things that I see at the bottom of everyones profile? Thanks Aliboo
  8. To All, I really don't know what I would do without this website. It's the only place that I can explain what is going on and get support. Sometimes I think I can't handle it and I come here. I always get a positive responce. I also belong to Alldeaf.com, They aren't as supportive as you all are. I really don't live that far from everybody. It only takes 20 minutes for me to get to them. But I told them he was in too much pain to go anywhere. The cold is bothering him too. We are sorta thinking about moving someplace warm. I grew up with this guilt thing. So I guess I shouldn't expect anything to change now. We have been so busy with family problems that I haven't had a chance to come here. Then He lost another 8 pounds. I have tried EVERYTHING. I told him I was gonna have to get tough with him and he just laughs that off. So I guess that part is good. But he serously needs to gain some weight. I appreciate All the support, Aliboo
  9. To All, I haven't been here in a while. We have been extremely busy and had so much #*%! going on. My boyfriend and I, some that will not co-operate. He was just diagnosed with NSCLC this past summer. I just lost my hearing and have mild to severe vertigo with it. His son will not do what he needs to take care of himself and his FIVE children. My family on the other hand, thinks I can just get up and do all the running around they want me to. My boyfriend is in so much pain still. It was a little better for a while. They found another little spot on his liver. But it hurts mostly in his bones. I am tring to cook meals to help him gain weight. He was thin before, but he has lost way too much. Communication is difficult because I cannot hear. I'm frusrtated. I'm trying to do it all and I don't think I can like I used to. His parent live far away.I just don't know what I'm doing right or wrong. My family tells me I live too far away to come and see us. I only live on the other side of the city, not another country. It takes just as long for me to go see them. For the Holidays he wants to be at home. His family is coming over Christmas Day. My Mother is mad that we aren't going out that day. I can't even drive halve the time because of this vertigo. Why do the have to give me so much grief if I don't do it their way for one Christmas. They don't even talk to me there. My kids are healthy and so are most of my brothers and my sister. We are the ones who are sick. But they expect Us to get up of our lazy butts and go see them. Non of them have been here but mabey one time in the last tree years. Sorry but I neede to vent here. I don't understand any of this to begin with. I feel like I'm the only one who feels like this. Aliboo
  10. Hi Everone, Just wanted to bring some updates. We finally have the pain somewhat managable. He is suffering from severe constipation. He is stubborn and waits too long to say anything. We ended up In the ER last Night. We also found out they canceled his insurance as of today. Cobra is supposed to automatically take over, But something is screwed up. It's just one more thing we don't need to worry about. If this keeps up his parents are going to take him home. I am not invited Please help me deal with this. Anybody have any Ideas? Aliboo
  11. Thanks Everbody, He is eating more. We are back to at least 2 good meals a day. Thats what we were eating before this started. I know this all gonna take time. We are both impatient, but he is more so. I seemed to have more pateince. Don't know where I got it from. But I hope I can keep this up. I feel bad when I have problems. Yesterday I had a severe vertigo/anxiety attack. It starts early in the morning and last all day. I get scared that I won't be able to take care of Tom when that happens. It happens without warning, except mabey a few hours. I can't drive, walk, or anything when that happens. For now I have to ride the attacks out. But the good news is he is feeling much better. There are people we can call in an emergency. I get so much help from this site. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't here. So again Thank You All, Aliboo
  12. Hi Everybody, We have been busy so I have not checked in for a while. My boyfriend has been feeling somewhat better. his appetite has picked up and the pain has been graetly reduced. We still have bad day here and there. We just ended 4 weeks of radiation and chemo. In tree weeks they will do more CT and P.E.T. scans to see if this yucky stuff has shrunk. I appreciate EVERYONE'S support and prayers. This is my best souce for info because of my hearing loss. It gets really frustrating sometimes. But we are getting through it. I do have a question. They said that the pain he has is in his bones. someone said they are "Bone Mets" what exactly are they and how do they know, and how do they ease the pain from them? Thank Guys, Aliboo
  13. Dear Debbie, My boyfriend has Lung Cancer. He just found out a month ago. So far his hearing is OK. I am the one who has lost my hearing due to Autoimmune ear disease. I'm not sure if I could handle it if we were both deaf. The good news is that I may get an Implant after I am eligible for medicare. Ask the doctor if it hearing loss is pernament and if an Implant might help. They looks like a little snail that is put in right underneath the skin on the nerve and a tiny microphone comes out and sits on top of your ear lobe. It can hardly be seen. Hearing loss is such an immotional thing. I have a hard time getting people (My Family) to understand that just because I can't hear does not mean I can't think or see, or talk for myself. It is very, very frustrating. Then also with my boyfriend being so sick, our communication has suffered. It takes a lot of patience on both our parts. I have gotten so much helpfull info from this website. No matter what it's very important to do anything to keep up the communication. He has just completed four weeks of chemo and radiation. we hope that it has shrunk the masses. He has Non-Samll cell lung cancer. He has felt better this week. His appetite has increased some. So we hope that is a good sign. Also at the hospital they have offered to let me use listening devices until I get the implant. I know there is one that he can read what the doctors are saying. They usually use them for students and for people who have court cases. Ask the radiolgists at the hospital. Let me know how things work out, Aliboo
  14. Hi Everybody, Thank You all for the support. Friday was a much better day. They have been working on the pain too. i think a lot of the problem is communication. I am deaf. My boyfriens told me and his Mom to NOT ask questions. That he would tell me what I need to know.So that's why I have been looking up every single word so that I can understand at least a little of what's going on. I just lost my hearing last year. I still get a paranoid feeling that everyone is talking about me. I know they're not. It is very hard to keep my head straight. Sometimes I feel like everybody knows what's going on except me. Then I feel guilty for worring about me instead of him. I get stressed out and I get severe vertigo too. I had to tell everybody yesterday that I needed them to communicate more with me. I get little surprises like I have to drive somewhere to go get this person or go get that at the last minute. They wanted me to go pick someone up yesterday and them his Mom asked me if I minded going by myself instead of making my boyfriend ride with me. It was his son we were picking up and I didn't know I was going much less making anybody ride with me to begin with. I started a note book so I could write down all the appoinments and meds. So It's just going to take time. Thanks for letting me vent. I also have a name and E-Mail of a social worker. I just got it so I have to take the time and E-Mail her. Hopefully she will have somes Ideas on how to help. Thanks Guys, Aliboo
  15. Hi Everybody, I haven't had much time to update or post. My boyfriend is ending his third week of radiation and chemo. So far this is the first set. It has been really hard on him. He was in the hospital last week for dehydration. It's hard to get him to eat or drink anything because of the pain. The pain is less than what it was. We still have another week of radiation and chemo. Then I think they are going to do another scan to see if it shrunk. Please pray for him (Tom) that it did. I am so scared for him. I have never seen anyone in that much pain all the time in my life. I feel totally helpless and inadequete. At the same time we are learning a lot about what to do or not to do. His Mom is here helping, but she goes home on Monday. Yesterday (Thursday) was a really bad day. I'm sure they will come and go. We all lost it at some point. The stress of worring about money and we are going into cobra Ins. Because he has used all his comp time. He's mad and of course scared, so am I. Sorry I just had to get all this out. Sometimes I feel like I just don't know what to do or even how to do it. We are super tired and sleep dosen't even help. Thank You everyone, Aliboo
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