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    Paso Fino Horses are my addiction of choice.
  1. Hi Jeanette. I can not add much to what has already be sid above. Just wanted to welcome you from one small town Okie to another. Judy
  2. Welcome Jeanne!!! Maybe I should look for a phone buddy. Hmmmmmmm.
  3. Just a short note to let you know I am still around just not online much anymore. Hopefully that will change. I will receive one more chemo treatment in about two weeks and then they will be giving me a break to recuperate. Maybe then I can return to my chat friends and more frequent visits to the message board. Hang in there everyone and you are all in my prayers.
  4. ((Lynn)) my deepest sympathies ... you are in my thought and prayers.
  5. My first round chemo was carbo/taxol with 37 radiation treatments my scan following treatments showed the disease as "stable" and it remained that way for almost 2 years.
  6. Hi friends had my first round of the above mentioned chemo a week ago Thursday and this has been the first day since then that I have had enough energy to set at the computer. I was suspect of the Taxotere but my Oncologists nurse said it was probably the Avastin that was kicking my hiney. I will only receive this treatment every 3 weeks. They wanted to give me a Neulasta shot the day after chemo but my insurance would not cover it because my white count was still within an acceptable limit. I guess I have not asked a question but if any of you have had similar treatment, or are the caretaker of someone that is then, please share experiences or glimmers of light. I was finally able to manage to eat a little bit today so perhaps the energy level will pick up in a day or two.
  7. Deb: You know my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
  8. Hey Sandra a good friend of mine had the cement procedure and did VERY well with it and she is a whiney bag as a general rule. So that is a positive things that she sailed through it.
  9. Welcome to the board Burnese. Let us know the results of the biopsy. Best wishes.
  10. SSD and SSI are two totally different things. SSI is for very low income and most likely not taxable and should be accomapnied by Medicaid I would imagine. I was approved for SSD which is Social Security Disability a portion of which is taxable and after two years I was placed on Medicare and I kept a senior health plan. The first year I was approved for SSD I got a lump sum check with no taxes withheld and ended up paying a huge hunk the following April. I then was wiser and went online and instructed them to start withhold federal taxes out at a set percentage.
  11. Judy-OK

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    I was unaware of buddy/buddy list. That is good thing and I will check it out but I also think this list is a wonderful idea and thrilled that Connie has taken on the initial task of compiling the necessary information. When battling the beast I think the more buddies we have the better off we are. Thanks to all. Judy
  12. Judy-OK

    Contact List

    Connie sounds great and I have already sent my information to you. Now who is going to know how to track you down? ROFLMAO
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