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    I am very active in our church, especially with our music ministry and student ministry. My children are my life. I also like to read and fish.
  1. jendew

    Missing DAisy

    I'm sorry, Randy. I'm sure it was hard. I have a chocolate lab named Mocha.
  2. My dad didn't give up easily either. In fact, when he was on hospice we were waiting for the first shipment of Tarceva to come in. It came the day after he died. It's perfectly normal and natural to want to fight. I'm glad my Daddy never gave up hope. I'll be praying for your family.
  3. Anger is a part of it. I used to get angry at my dad because he smoked. Then I'd get mad a God. Man, did I get mad at God...especially when my dad was only in remission for 6 weeks. Just keep going...day by day...and know that you're not alone and it's o.k.
  4. jendew

    Update - LarryH

    I am so very sorry.
  5. jendew


    Not so good ones. I had sad dreams last night about my father being sick. It was him saying the doctors said there was no hope. I was an emotional wreck in my dreams...sobbing and sobbing. I would wake up, and when I would get back to sleep I would dream the same thing again. It's been almost two years. I miss my father so much it still hurts like crazy. I know what's triggered it...my father-in-law now being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, but it's like I'm reliving the nightmare over and over again. Is it "normal" to have dreams like this? Does anyone else have dreams like these?
  6. He met with the radiologist and oncologist yesterday. They all feel that the cancer in his rib and chest wall is coming from his lung even though it's not showing up on any number of tests yet. Because it's adenocarcinoma they know there's a primary location somewhere. They are sending the specimin off for further studies because he's in the 5% of people who have adenocarcinoma with no sign of the primary as of yet. So, that being said, they are starting 7 weeks of radiation and also chemotherapy in two weeks. He will be getting the carbo/taxol combo that my dad got when he was going through lung cancer. He seems to be doing really well physically so we're praying for the best. Hopefully the treatments will put him in a looooong remission.
  7. Thanks, everyone! FIL goes to see the radiologist and oncologist today, so hopefully there will be more news. We are traveling back to TN next week to get all of the results of the tests. Thanks for all of the support!
  8. It's so hard to stress the need for fluids when you just don't feel like drinking. My dad used to go through the same thing. I'm glad he seems better now, though.
  9. The helplessness is a horrible feeling. All you can do is to just let her know that you're there for her if she needs you. It doesn't matter how close you are, there's still very little anyone can do. I'll be praying for better days for her.
  10. I just said a prayer for you. I know you'll be fine.
  11. Many of you won't know or remember me, I'm sure. I lost my father 1 1/2 years ago to lung cancer. On Tuesday my husband's father was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. It is in his rib and chest wall, but strangely isn't showing up anywhere else yet. The surgeon said if he has his guess, though, they'll find it somewhere in the lung even though the PET scan is not showing anything as of yet. So, my family is here for yet another rollercoaster ride. We've already met with the oncologist once, and we're due to meet back with him in two weeks. We are geographically 5 1/2 hours apart, and my husband and I will be trying to take care of him the best we can long distance. My dad had squamous cell so adeno is a new territory for us.
  12. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  13. jendew

    Mom is gone.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. It will not be easy for your father. My mom is still having a hard adjustment 1 year after losing my father. I wish there was something we could say or do to make it easier, but it's just not. Hang in there.
  14. jendew

    A year yesterday.

    Thank you all so very much for your kind replies. (((hugs)))
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