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  1. Thank you everyone :) Well I went in to the Dr. and I am 8 weeks and I saw the heartbeat, boy if it dose not become real at that point :wink:

    We had set on out trip to So. CA yesterday, but my Rodeo started to overheat :? So we came back. Good thing though, I woke up this morning miserable with a cold and I can't take anything LOL.. Anyway we see a genetic counceler today about all the proceedures, medication and tests I have been on and had over the past months.

    This is all very overwhelming and then I get to go back to work next week after shutdown and tell my boss (OH what joy that will be NOT...).

    I am sure this won't be without complications. At least I know what to expect this time around (even if it has been 12 years LOL)


  2. Well I have not posted much latly, mostly due to the fact I have been so sick. Well after all the tests and imaging they finally found out what was wrong.

    I am going to be blessed with God's greatest gift of all. If you haven't guessed already I'm pregnant :shock:

    My Dr's office called me Friday night (my Dr. was out of town) and the Dr. on call told me I was pregnant. I asked her 3 times if she was sure, because after I had my daughter I was told I would not be able to have any more kids. Well they told me that before I got pregnant the first time too.

    Anyway I thought I would share after years of trying and then giving up, getting through cancer and getting my health back I have gotten the greatest gift.


    P.S. My 12 year old daughter is thrilled. I guess what she dosn't know won't hurt her. Can you say live in baby sitter LOL :wink:

  3. I am SOOOO EXCITED TODAY!!! All my scans came back CANCER FREE!!!! So tonight I celibrate with my DH and my DD.

    I do have to go in for more testing to find out what the real culprate of my mysteriouse illness is, but at least it's not cancer. At least not this time. My Dr. did say I have to repeat the same scan in 3 months, but I am not thinking about that right now. Right now I am looking forward to the best Christmas. Then an end to one of the worst years of my life and hopefully a good start to a better New Year :wink:

    Thank you for all your prayers....


  4. OK day 3 still no results. I guess no news is good news LOL :D

    Actually Kaiser (my health provider) contracts out to anouther company to do these scans. If I remember corectly (sorry can't spell worth beans :oops: ) the first scan I had took forever too :roll: I am just getting impatiant.


  5. Thank you everyone,

    She was a very special person. I lived with her off and on through out my childhood when my parents could not take care of me (I was sick alot and my parents could not always afford my care). Then I lived with her agian for a year before I got married. I am hoping to convince my aunt is going to take me to her and my grandfathers grave sites here is a few weeks.

    I am glad you liked my poem :) It felt good to share.


  6. My grandmother passed away 6 years ago yesterday. She did not pass from lung cancer but from ALS. However she was a huge influance inmy life. I never had a chance to grieve her loss because I was hospialized when she died and was reliesed the day of her funeral and was heavely medicated. After that I lost touch with any conection with that part of the family. Just recently I got back in touch with an aunt who is so much like my grandmother in so many ways it is scary so last night when I could not sleep I wrote this poem in her hounor.

    It Was You

    It was you, who stood me against the wall with a ruler,

    At my back for hours and said I would thank you later.

    And I do.

    It was you, who told me never to drink anything with dinner,

    Because it would make me eat more.

    Even though come to find out you just didn't want us to

    Spill on your hard wood floors.

    You were the one, who taught me 3 things about work,

    Always be at least 15 min early, if it is worth doing,

    Do it right the first time, and always own up to your mistakes.

    All these years I took you for granted, thinking you

    Would always be there.

    Now that you have been gone for a while I find myself

    Kind of lost and confused as to where all that time went.

    A lot of those memories are fading away.

    I have photos and

    Few things that were yours that I will cherish,

    But it is not the same.

    I lost me grandma and I never got to say goodbye........

    Danica Corey

  7. Thank you Carleen :) I have a great Dr. unfortunantly the oncologists I have in the health plan I have will not refer me outside of the health plan to see a specialist. As far as they as concerned I don't have a real form of cancer and they treat me very poor. The only reason I get the tests I get is because my generalpractitioner is willing to go above and beyond. I know that eventually I will have to go through arbutration with my health Ins. Co. I just don't have the time, money or resorces right now to do it. I am praying that this latest scan is negitive and I can hold off for a while. I know of that drug you mentioned, however getting my health ins. co. to pay for it is another story. That will take time as well. For now I take it day by day.

    Thank you Maryanne :)

    As for the scan I should know in 2-3 days some results.


  8. Katie,

    I only joined a short time ago, but the openess and support I get from you and everyone else is sometimes overwhelming. I read your story and it touched my heart. You are truly a special person with a gift and you have chosen to share your gift.

    Thank you,


  9. Thank you Lilly I send you warm wishes as well. I hope all goes well. Let me know :)

    Tomorrow morning before I go in I will be writing out my Christmas cards that I picked out today. My scan isn't untill the afternoon so it is a good thing I have a huge family (9 brothers and sisters) then there is my husbands family. However they are not as into cards as my family is. Thats OK it is more for me anyway. It will give me something to do beside think about the scan ahead of me. I am however extremly more nervous about this one than any of the others for some reason....

    Well I am really tired. and I have rambled on enough. LOL...

    I'll wish they could give you results right there (I guess in a perfect world).


  10. You hear so many conflicting things in the media, papers and such. You just don't know what to think. I am lucky to keep anything inme at all anymore. I try to stay away from red meat and I go for as much organic fruits and veggies as I can with out breaking the bank. Being the sole provider for my family a lot of times I have to go for the cheap LOL, but I try to keep it healthy too.


  11. Today being Thanksgiving and all, I really am thankfull. Today I will be going and spending the day with my husbands family. In itself not a bad thing, but I realy wanted to see my folks who are just 3 hours away. Thats OK though. I think what I am fighting with is I realy don't feel like being around all that food. Food and me don't get along and i know I am going to get bombarrded with questions and coments like you are to thin you need to eat and things like that. They may mean well but they are so critical. In my state of mind and being that we have not told anyone what is going on I am going to look bad in their eyes. Don't get me wrong I love the holiday. I just wish I could quietly skip it or pospone it until next week LOL.

    Sorry about the vent.

    I just did not sleep well and I am overly emoutional for some reason today.

    THanks for listening.


  12. I just read this for the first time. Thank you. It really touched me especialy right now when I am going through all these tests and everything is so up in the air. Just made me stop and think. I am going to print it and read it every day when I start to get down.


  13. Thank you :) Even for carcinoid it is uncomon, and I know that. That is why I am not really freaking out to much about it.

    My Dr.'s are just a little concerned because I still have carcinoid syndrome and they are not able to find the tumor responsable for it. I guess in time.


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