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  1. Thanks to all who`ve posted your words are very kind! As for tarceva we can buy it over here for £1900 a month but the nhs will not fund it! There is big battles over here at the moment as the nhs refuse to fund alot of the medication that is vitally needed due to the cost!! However if we lived in Scotland we could get it funded for us :(

    Donna x

  2. I`m so sad, dad has been discharged from the hospital they say they can do no more treatment! He keeps crying which is tough he isnt one for showing feelings. We are all devastated by the news. Have no idea whats going to happen next, hospice have been in!


  3. woo hoo

    Dad went to onc today we were all expecting bad news, onc says tumor is reduced by 50% so he`s going to do radiotherapy to try to kill the rest..

    Mom sent me a text to tell me. I was dancing round the kitchen crying (silly moo)

    Just really happy its shrunk its better than anything I`ve known

  4. Hi Friends

    My dad went for his chemo on friday and mentioned a rash that he has to the chemo nurse, they then informed us its an allergic reaction to the chemo so he cant have it. Damn.

    He has got to go back to see onc on the 6th September to discuss a different form of chemo or a lower dose. Dad now wishes he hadnt said anything because he had only got 2 more cycles to go!!!

    Anybody have any encouraging comments, we are all down hearted now more time passes without treatment, how much bigger is this monster getting while the treatment stops.

    What other chemo is good out there he was on gem and carbo.

    Sorry for the long post feel slightly better for ranting

    Love and Light


  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for all your advice, took dad to doc last night, he`s got some pain relief now thank goodness.

    Doctor seems to think its siatica(sp).. As apparently dad used to suffer with it a few years back...

    Hoping that the doctor is right but I have to admit that I`m worried dad`s cancer has spread to his bones..

    Love and light


  6. Hiya

    Another day another smile...

    Dad has the hospice nurse coming to see him again today, she is lovely so cheerful and helpful...

    She pops in every now and again to see how he`s doing and if we are all ok.. Couldnt be there today though little one wanted to go to bed..

    Love and light all


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