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  1. Eileen4


    Nova, I'm dismayed to read about Harry. My prayers and thoughts are with you. So very sorry for your loss. Eileen
  2. Hi Patti, I've never heard of "drumsticking" and don't think I have that. My toenails are pretty much the same as they've always been. It's my fingernails that are ridging deeply. I just googled it and it seems that "aging" can cause it. Shucks, I ain't that old, LOL. Hugs back, Eileen
  3. Summeron2001, are dents or changes in your nails indicative of cancer? I'm asking because recently I've had very deep ridges in my nails. Anyone know what causes this?[/b]
  4. I too had very strong feelings of doom especially first thing after wakening up from a night of weird dreams. I just knew something was wrong. I went to my doctor in february and asked for a CT scan. He listened to my lungs and said they hadn't sounded as clear in years (He had been treating me for asthma and chronic bronchitis for about 8 years prior). He had sent me for an x-ray (at my request) less than a year before this, so felt a CT scan was unnecessary. My "premonitions" just kept on getting stronger, so in April, I took myself to a pulminologist and asked him to do a CT scan. And there it was.
  5. Thanks Connie. I'm going to have to learn to navigate my way around this board better. I must have made my search by author or something.
  6. I am just so stunned--I just got a call from Liz's mother about an hour ago, and came on here to post the news. I had just written to Nova too last week, asking if she'd heard anything further from Liz. Last I'd heard was from her mother when Liz was put on Hospice a few weeks ago. (I also did a board search a couple of days ago, but the last post showing about Liz was some time in November?) Anyway, I feel I've lost a friend. I met with Liz on several occasionsfor breakfast or lunch. She was such an inspiration to me and a beautiful person inside and out. I'll really miss her.
  7. Sally, I'm just now reading your post and words fail me. I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad, what with all that's going on with you. I too love Christmas time and I hate to think of anyone suffering at this time of year. I'll say a very special prayer for you tonight in the hopes that you'll soon feel better, if even a little. Know that we all send good vibes your way and please keep posting. These black days will soon be over I hope. Best, Eileen
  8. Hiya Liz, I'm confused, babe...are we meeting on Wed or Thurs or both days?? (I work on Wed until 4pm but I'm off all day on Thursday.) Let me know what's up please. Glad to see you sounding so chipper and making jokes--good for you Liz! And looking forward to meeting Nova and anyone else who can make it. Keep smiling Eileen
  9. Can someone fill me in...I was told you could not apply for SSDI until you quit work. Can you still apply if working part time? TIA.
  10. Hi Pup, I'm glad you're posting here and hope you keep in close contact with someone. Going through all this is the pits, without a doubt but there are some great people on this site who will be there for you. Sending my best and keeping you in prayer. Eileen Psss...Hiya Liz Glad to hear you got your "Right to Sue" letter. I'm looking forward to your phone call...
  11. I just got an email notifying me of a Private Message at LCSC but when I clicked on the link given, it took me to my mailbox but there's no new message. Did someone PM from this thread? Thanks, Eileen
  12. It really would be cool, Katie. I can see it happening too
  13. I think that's a great idea, Nova. If everyone is up for it, maybe we can try to get together at some point over the holidays. Liz has my phone number and I'll PM you with it too. Eileen
  14. I'm in St. Pete too. Drop a PM and I'll send you my phone number and maybe we can chat. Hang in! Eileen
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