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  1. I tried that also and got hostility. I finally just made a file containing my financial info (copies of credit cards, bank statements, investments and who to contact). Also I listed names and phone numbers/email addresses of people to contact, where keys to safe deposit is, etc. It took me awhile to get this together but it's here.
  2. Drove to hospital thursday 10/25/07 to start chemo. Not used to driving in the dark or the rain anymore and it was both. They have valet service for parking for outpatients at no charge. Next time I will leave later and be late so I can drive in daylight. Doesn't seem to make any difference since I had to wait so long for the pharmacy. Took 1/2 hour to admit me and then walked to chemo room. I had to wait till 10 am before they actually started to treat me. Took that long for pharmacy to make up my meds. They started me on saline solution and pre meds which included steroids, benadryl,
  3. Kasey thanks so much for your support. It was stressful. I hope he does learn a lesson but so far he has been a pain since they moved in 3 years ago. You are right - stress does not help. I've pretty much calmed down but will continue to try to find an answer. Thanks again.
  4. golden275

    OT footballs

    I was a little worried about the kid next door playing football in the street with some of his friends. He's around 19 or 20 and should know better. It was landing in my yard. Then I heard it hit my driveway and it sounded loud , just a few feet from my car. I was worried it would break my car window. I of course went outside and made a fuss and he smart mouthed me. I was about to call the police but after about 5 minutes they went inside. I have to drive myself to the hospital Wednesday for my chemo treatment and cannot deal with broken windows. Does anyone know if a football can
  5. I also had a needle biopsy w/CT scan done. It was not painful but uncomfortable. I think I was given a local anesthetic. The dr. told me my lung could collapse, it didn't happen often but it could - but it didn't. After it was done they pulled me out of the CT scan and I needed to be still for awhile and then they moved me to a regular hospital room and again I needed to not move for a few hours. Then they took an xray (portable) and finally gave me lunch and told me I could use the toilet. They kept me in the hospital for a few hours longer and then let me go home. They didn't wa
  6. Just want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. I forgot to say the CT scan also showed a pleural effusion and a slightly enlarged heart. I knew I had a pleural effusion since it's causing my shortness of breath. One of my sisters told me today she has a slightly enlarged heart also and has had it for awhile. So that's not bothering me anymore. Called the hospital about parking since I will be driving there. It's about a 15 minute drive. I was worried about parking and having to walk a good distance. They have valet service that starts at 6:00 a.m. so that's made me
  7. Had xrays and CT scan on same day middle of September. Radiologist didn't like the xray and called my dr, who authorized a CT scan. I of course was a coward and had to be talked through having something almost cover my head or part of my head, but made it. They were very patient with me. Seems my cancer has spread to my right lung. Saw my oncologist 10/19 (today) and he is starting me on chemo next week in the hospital. They'll be using Taxol and Avastin. His tech gave me brochures and info and instructions. She explained about possible side effects. Losing my hair again - for
  8. I've been on Tarceva for over a year. I did not get bags under my eyes but I did get a rash. I still sometimes get a rash. My rash took the form of tiny blisters that broke and formed scabs (about 50 or so just on my arm). They went up my neck and into my mouth. At that point, my oncologist discontinued the Tarceva for a few months and then started me back on it at a reduced dosage. I don't know what reactions other people have gotten regarding blisters. Hopefully someone else will post.
  9. I'm not sure if this will help but I also get SOB and a cough. The cough is sometimes just phlegm in my throat. My pulminary dr said my nasal drip was causing it and he gave me a spray for my nose which helped. I don't know what is causing my SOB but it may be my asthma/copd. I started again on advair (for my asthma) and have been feeling better for the first time in 4 or 5 months.
  10. I didn't have lymph node involvement but have managed to last almost 6 years from biopsy. My oncologist said no one knows how long anyone will live. So I try not to think about those averages and just live my life. There have been so many advances in the last few years, and there are more lung cancer survivors, that I think the 5 year average is out of date.
  11. Had xrays done about a month ago at a place I hadn't been to for 2 or 3 years. They talked to my oncol and thought I should have a CT scan done also and he agreed. Will have a CT scan because he thinks it can show more than an xray. I saw my pulminary specialist and he said the report is showing I'm still stable so I feel a lot better now.
  12. Chemo has changed a lot . My first round wasn't too bad. My second round was horrid but I think that's what stabilized me. Everybody reacts differently. As long as you keep fighting and keep that great attitude.
  13. John I too am sorry you have to go through this. Hope everything turns out well. You're in my prayers.
  14. golden275


    I also had taxotere and it was rough. Two days after a treatment I would have extreme fatigue and just about lived in my recliner for 2 or 3 days. Could barely move. However, it must have helped because I am in remission for about 3 years now.
  15. Lilly I too struggled with that for almost 2 years. I kept thinking why plant my tomatoes , I may not be here in the summer, why buy new sweaters on sale, I may not be here next winter - on , and on and on. Finally, I had enough and decided to enjoy myself. I don't know what turned me around. Maybe it was that one dr told me I had 6 months if I was lucky and a year later I was still here. I really don't know why I changed but slowly I started to live again. It didn't happen overnight. Not having a lot of money, I usually buy sweaters and jackets at the end of the season. I decided
  16. What great news . I'm sitting here saying, wow, wow. Really super.
  17. Congratulation on 3 years Wendy.
  18. Robin I tried for years and then finally quit - twice. The first time it took me over a year to quit. I tried everything. When they started chemo - I stopped but I was down to 4 to 5 cigs a day so it wasn't too bad. You're under a lot of stress right now and it will be hard for you to quit. However, I would encourage you to at least cut down. There are a number of web sites to help you when you are ready. In the meantime, don't punish yourself. Do what you can. That's all you can do.
  19. I got bad diahrea from chemo and my oncologist gave me some immodium and it helped. Last week I had a stomach virus and the immodium came in handy. After my last chemo treatment , I became so tired that I calld the oncol and I had to go back to see him. He decided I needed a transfusion and put me in the hospital for a day. That really helped. they did take blood every time I went for a treatment but nothing showed until about 2 weeks after my last treatment. Can you talk to the oncologist?
  20. I too get a tightness across my chest on and off. I also don't wear a bra unless I go to the dr's or visiting. Since it's winter and I'm wearing a sweater and a jacket to go out, I don't use a bra. When I do I have those bra extender things - 3 or 4 of them depending on how my breathing is. Now I'm trying to get something for summer wear that's comfortable. Thinking of making my own or at least trying to make one.
  21. You don't need a rash for Tarceva to work. According to my oncol it's only percentages. He said "there are better results for people who get a rash." but you don't need a rash for it to work. Everybody's different. I got a bad rash on the higher dosage and minor rashes on the lower dose. I've been on it for about a year and so far I'm stable. Hope the Tarceva is helping.
  22. Congratulations on your 2 years. Praying for many more.
  23. I have been moody lately, slightly sad and weepy. I normally control myself but lately have snapped at a few people (who got on my nerves). I am also nervy and don't know why and I'm not sleeping well. Maybe it's winter blues.
  24. Frank you and Connie are in my prayers, as well as Pattie and the rest of your family. How really wonderful to have a great family to support you.
  25. I got almost no side effects from my first chemo. About a week after treatment was done, I did nothing but sleep and finally called oncol. after about 3 days. It turns out I needed a transfusion and was put in the hospital for one day.
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