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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
  1. Hugs to you--we all care. Know that you are never alone, you have many arms here to hold you!
  2. Eileen


    Please let Michelle know you are thinking about her and she is not alone in this world.
  3. Eileen


    Is anyone in contact with her and know her personal info? I am very concerned about her state of mind Michelle if you are reading this, hang in there!!!! We are all holding you in our arms!
  4. Yes Judy. My sister received her diagnosis several years after me but was not as lucky as me. I had stage 1A no chemo nor radiation. Hers had lymph nodes positive so she needed chemo and radiation. Doc staged her at 3a or B. She had another nodule for two years that was not really growing so they recently did a biopsy and it was a different kind of tumor. She just had the cyberknife so we will see the results soon! best to you Key West---my dream place. I am hoping I am able to visit there one day!!!
  5. My sister just had it--She gets a scan soon to see if it removed the small tumor. I will let you know the results Her breathing is pretty bad so docs did not want to operate again (this is her 2nd unrelated tumor--1st was removed surgically several years ago
  6. Eileen

    Update on sister

    I have a double post how to delete? thanks
  7. My sister did fine with cyberknife. She had it for three days in a row last week. Her first cancer was squamous cell; this one is unrelated and adenocarcinoma--but it has been there for a few years and never really grew. So the prognosis is excellent!!!! she has many other health issues but I am glad this one should be ok best to everyone
  8. It took years and years to get feeling back where I had the surgery--bras were a complete agony!! It really is uncomfortable --but they cut nerves there and now the nerves are healing and yelling about being cut!!! acid reflex (which all surgeons deny happens with this surgery but seems to happen to everyone) was bad) I used to wake up in the middle of the night with such pain in my chest, I thought I was going to die--but all part of the healing process! good luck to you
  9. Please let us hope she is so ok--just knocked out from her cruise.
  10. But it had nothing to do with me--by all odds with my pessimistic attitude, I should have been long gone and Katie's dad should be sitting here tending my garden in Long Island( I wish) and I should be planted under the black eyed susans! I guess my point being --please do have an optimistic attiude and whatever you need to do to get through it--what ever way is best for you--go for it!!!!!
  11. what others are trying to say I am not saying it is right or wrong I am just saying not one size fits all One of my friends is a widow here http://www.ywbb.org/forums/showflat.php ... Post806408
  12. He is a movie star!! he even has a book http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/blog-entry-47.html
  13. Eileen


    I used spivea --but I did not really feel it helped I have never had the same breathing since I got part of my lung removed It just is not there any more But that is OK!!! I am still here so what if I walk a little slower --I am still spry but that is just what happened to me!!!
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