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  1. Thanks, Donna, for responding. Will await to hear results from his next appointment, and will keep posting.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm not new to LCSC. I lost my sister to NSCLC almost 8 years ago. But I'm now faced with another LC diagnosis of a good friend of mine. He's been told he has Squamous Cell LC. I'm not familiar with this type, and hope that survivors of Squamous cell LC can give me some information and advice. My friend is scheduled for a pet scan on Oct. 24 at which time he will have more information. Any help you can lend would be very much appreciated. This support group was a God Send for me when my sister was fighting her cancer battle. Many thanks, Sis
  3. Sis

    A Mother's Day gift

    This year I received a tremendous gift from my nephew, my sister's son. Many years ago Maura had written a novel, but never thought it was good enough to attempt to have it published. My nephew found her manuscripts, and had her book bound in hardback form...Cover design...the whole works. He sent me a copy of it for Mother's Day. I'm not sure what was more emotional...His cover note to me, or seeing my beautiful sis pictured with her hubby and son on the back cover of her novel. She was an English teacher. She was amazing. She is truly missed.
  4. Sis

    A sign

    Nick, No doubt about it. Your Mom just wanted to check in to say hello. Love those special signs! Thanks for sharing.
  5. What fabulous news! So happy to read this type of posting. Give Kasey a big hug and congrats!!!
  6. Sis

    Sad day today...

    (((Randy))) Will always think of you on the 23rd of January. Hope this rainy North Carolina day passed gently, and you have plenty of those warm blankets from the dryer. Ellie
  7. Sis

    7 years ago

    Congrats on 7 years. Kasey has always been such an inspiration for everyone and she's loved by all.
  8. Sis

    Five Years

    I lost my beautiful sis five years ago today. Cannot believe it's been so long, yet in ways it feels like I saw her yesterday. She is missed each and every day by all of us who loved her. To all those LC survivors... Keep that fight going! I pray for you each day knowing you've kicked LC in the a$$!!! Blessings to all this Holiday Season. Ellie
  9. Hey, What's going on in DC in May next year??
  10. How I love to read news like this. Congrats and many many many more years of NED!!!
  11. Hi Neighbor Randy! Yes, I'm still here. I don't post much, but I check in and read to keep up with the cyber friends whom I've met over the years. LCSC members remain in my prayers each and every day. Ellie
  12. (((Randy))) Know I'm thinking of you as the 5 year date approaches. Don't forget to go outside and talk to those stars above Greensboro. Deb's watching over you each day. Take care. Ellie
  13. First off.... Happy New Year to All! May 2011 bring hope, health, and happiness to this wonderful support community! This Christmas we had a wonderful surprise. My Bro-in-law came to N.C. from Colorado to spend Christmas with us. He continues to be the caring person with whom we can share memories, and now, even some laughter. I made an honest attempt to bake my sister, Maura's famous lemon bread. The best gift I could have ever received was when we hugged good-bye at the airport and he said: "This is the best Christmas I've had in four years". The pain will never leave, but sometimes it does subside just a bit. Ellie
  14. Sis

    Remembering my Sis

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It just goes to show that the wonderful people on this Board are always there to support. Thank you...One and All. Ellie
  15. Sis

    Remembering my Sis

    Four years ago today my wonderful sister lost her battle with lung cancer. When God created her, He broke the mold, as there will never be another one like her. I miss her so very much each and every day and think of her always. Today I will say a special prayer for Maura, and for all of those we have lost to this horrible disease. May a cure be found....and soon. Ellie
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