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  1. So much going on there. The one thing for sure, if Johnny'ss son wondered whether it was just a dream, I think you got it right...It probably wasn't. Hang in there through all the emotions. As hard as they are we're lucky to have the experiences in our past that give us the emotionss we struggle with now.
  2. Really is so cool. My mom had a pet skunk. It was not the typical pet, but she had such a thing for her. I think it is special to havee the kinship wish the "off the beaten path" type animal.
  3. Pic is here. Sophia and Nick
  4. but we have a new addition. Nick the IV was born today at 10:49 AM 7 lb. 12 oz. Mom would have loved a grandson! We already talked about how happy Grammy would have to been to have met him.
  5. Just called my buddy who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I said "How are you doin'?" He said, "Can't complain." I'm just ashamed about the stuff that I let bother me.
  6. Nick C


    yw, could have said more but you said 2 sentences
  7. So glad you came back to check in. There is a Family member/care giver section too. viewforum.php?f=12 I know there have been lots of discussion there about getting folks ideas on how to get their loved ones to want to eat and keep weight on. So if you have questions or just post a request for ideas, I'm sure you'll get plenty. I recall ENSURE being a very popular method of retaining gaining weight. You can also post questions in the general section: viewforum.php?f=50 You'll get everyone going through there every so often. Many different areas to check on during your journey. Glad this week was a better week.
  8. Nick C


    I can't disagree. It's wonderful...and yet it is hard...and then it gets harder...tough to comprehend.
  9. Nick C


    When my mother was diagnosed with and passed away from Lung Cancer, people cared but I only found people who understood at LCSC. I can't see how I could have made it through without them.
  10. My reply was this is the absolute right place to find support. I also noted that many of us have experienced grieving while our loved one was still here with us. rebncor - hang in there, we'll be here!
  11. From rebncor: I am new and not sure I am where I am supposed to be but I am defianely grieving- how in world do people deal with this - it has been 18 months since diagnosis and he is at 114 pounds, weak, shaky, short of breath and now another round of chemo - fistula in his chest that may kill him first. More pills and drugs than I have ever seen We have been together for 37 years - how do I help him and how do I handle the pain - I cannot stop crying and he is still here..... I hate this disease. I cannot talk to my daughters who are 19 and 23 as my pain is hurting them even more. they do not live at home so I think it is easier to not see what is happening - I cannot talk to my husband, my best friend as he is so scared and trying to deal with what his life has become. They say no cure, just some more time.... I know there is no answer but maybe it helped to write it, I don't know what to do anymore...
  12. Rebncor, I think a lot of us have grieved while our loved ones are still here. I know I did. Because my mom had changed so much in such a short time. I missed my strong independent spit fire mom. You've found the right place. I'm going to copy and post your note in it's own thread here in the grieving formum. I'll title it "A note from Rencor, share your thoughts on this." Others will post to you...you have come to the right place for support. I am sorry you are going through this.
  13. Ah...I replied, but it isn't here. But I said this is the PERFECT place to write EVERYThiNG you are feeling down. Never feel guilty about possibly having someone read your words and not feeling alone, because they feel the same thing! I also wrote that life doesn't come with a rewind button...and guilt happens because of that...we do our best in the now, and only in hindsight can we see certain things...but that isn't our fault. Hang in there.
  14. That Jackyl sends e-mails? Wow
  15. My frustration was around mom's independence and fighting me on accepting some of the things that needed to be done. For example, she didn't want me driving her to radiation, I wanted to insist that I drive to all the appointments. I don't have great insights on how to deal with the independence...she was headstrong until the end. The decadron didn't make her any less headstrong either.
  16. I'm so sorry about your sister in law and the fact that this impending loss is bringing back so much of the other loss you've experienced.
  17. Those are very special gifts from her to you...and very special gifts from you to us. I took from this story that your mom got a glimpse of heaven before it was time for her to go...how wonderful!
  18. So sorry She seems like she she was amazing.
  19. Ronnie, Those monthly reminders are tough. Every time you see that day, it's a reminder. It's great to hear you are remembering the good times. The guilt...we all understand the tendancy to feel it, but seriously, LC deals us a crap hand...guilt is for when you have good options and don't take them...you have nothing to feel guilty about. Like Katie said, take it easy on yourself!!
  20. Nick C

    Another Step

    I missed this post. I have my mother's ashes with us, but I know when the kids are grown and we move, we'll probablly do the same, as she loved the beach as well.
  21. Missed this, but I come to expect that Joel kicks a$$. It's just how he rolls
  22. Mom did 7 radiation treatments - her words for her first treatment - "piece of cake". Beyond that I don't have a lot to offer. But I do know it was a lot less unpleasant than she had anticipated.
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