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    Sue, I am so sorry. I have no words...just know we'll be here.
  2. Nick C

    My sister

    I don't see any other posts so I take it we're confirmed as all good?
  3. I'm so glad you had this encounter..not question it was meant to be.
  4. Nick C


    Every day...there is something like this. Boy oh boy do I get it.
  5. It's tough not sharing the fun stuff with the person who celebrated with you...I get that.
  6. I've never seen a jackyl either...beautiful family photos.
  7. Katie...that quote...so many cliche's about loss suck and are so empty...but that one is so real and so full of truth...I love it...and it too was shared with me here when Sophie was on her way to us. Jana, I really hope you find comfort in that.
  8. Ron, so nothing wrong with you. Everyone deals in different ways. When I lost mom I started therapy just to deal with the flood of emotions I knew were going to come. At other times in my life I took medication to get through traumatic events. Grieving is hard work and confusing. I remember leaving my office and getting in my car and driving trying to find...something...and I'd find nothing. I was aimless. Such a tough time...it is...you aren't "expected" to be a certain way...not from any of us...and you shouldn't hold yourself to a certain expectation either. Everything you are going through is normal. Hang in there friend.
  9. Nick C

    4 and a half years

    Randy...I know it just sucks...I'm sorry.
  10. Ah Katie... I can't imagine being in your shoes today. The things written here...we can't go back in time...but holy cow, you sure do get close to going back in time reading some of those posts don't you? And your parents are so proud of you...and every thing you do and thought you have is a reflection of them. But you know that already.
  11. When things are going the way they are going, who could blame you for wanting your mommy...and then the sting of looking at the calendar can be especially hard. Understood. All things considered, I'd still tag you as collected and cool...
  12. It's like the familiar "view" that is now completely different. I too get that.
  13. So my mom was in realestate, particularly title inssurance, but she had also been paralegal and a notary and so when I closed on my first two properties, she was there making sure everyhting went OK. Today was my first closing without Mom. Strange, because this was her thing. I went to closing today and used her pen (blue because you sign everything in blue to show it's original). I had her planner and her keys with me (I actually have it in my work bag and have had it with me every day for the past 3 1/2 years). I got through it. But I felt a little empty without her to celebrate with. My first condo I closed and went to work in the afternoon. When I arrived to at my desk there was Champagne and balloons to celebrate my first home purchase and she was there to take pics when we moved. House 2, she brought us lunch when we were moving and took pics. It won't be that way this time. BUT here is the good part. We've been trying to tell Sophie that we'll be moving to a new house (get her used to the idea) and out of nowhere Sophie said "It'll be Grammy's house". Yep, Sophie...she'll be with us there too.
  14. Nick C

    Moving on

    Ron, I really feel what you've written here. My experience isn't like yours, but I really can see the things that have been hard for you. I know the phone calls become less, and the world keeps turning and sometimes that is hard because you are the only one in the place you were in...but when you feel that alone in your emotion know it is because of the uniqueness of what you had and how special your relationship was. Hang in there, and know that we're here.
  15. Nick C

    7 Days

    Ronnie, I'm very sorry. Folks do ask some of the oddest questions and make some of the most inappropriate comments. I remember my favorite after Mom passed was, "wow, I bet you wish you had kids and didn't wait huh". That was at the wake... I have written that off to people don't know what to say but they don't want to say nothing...and I guess for that I give them credit. It is early...give yourself the time to feel everything you are feeling and take it easy on yourself. Hang in. Nick
  16. Jean, I'm a little late here...sorry. I hope "IT" is somewhat more managable today than "IT" was when you wrote this. That first year, approaching that date...very tough. I took the day off, remembered mom in a way I thought she'd see as appropriate. The day is still something I think about as it approaches, I do still miss her...but my memories bring far more smiles and far fewer tears...though tears do still come. Randy said it...and it is true...easier yes....better nah, not really. Hope you are well.
  17. Awesome, love seeing these worthwhile and fun activities.
  18. Nick C

    Message from KimC

    Very sad. So sorry.
  19. MISSY!!!! I have often thought of you as well! I see things can still be hard...yes they can! And no, it isn't odd that you don't want to grieve...grieving takes energy...grieving is hard. But it does well up. Hang in there...we'll be here.
  20. I absolutely love this tribute. Beautiful!
  21. doting, I think some of what you are feeling it grief. The change in your dad over the last 6 months isn't the dad you once had, and so I think you might miss that dad a bit. I know I felt this way with my mom. But I felt lucky that mom and I actually grieved losing eachother a bit...because only she could really understand. I'm sure there are a lot of folks here who understand the sadness you are feeling.
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