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  1. Hi Susan - Just wanted to give my opinion regarding hair loss which I did have....try and get your mom to go for a wig before the hair loss starts (if it does). This way she can try on different wigs, see what she likes, match it to her hair color, etc. before the trauma of losing the hair begins. I did that and just went in and had it styled when I finally did need it. Hope everything goes well for your mother. Bobbi
  2. Hi Diane- I haven't posted on here in a very long time although I do come on and read pretty regularly, but just felt I had to write to you. I had 2 surgeries, one in December, 2004 and then another for the removal of my upper left lobe in January, 2005 (staged at IIIB), followed by 3 months of chemo. All I wanted was to feel (and look) like myself again....and I'm here to tell you that you will. It takes a little time to get back to the real "you", but I promise you that you will. I live alone and I too have always been the one to help everyone else. I had to realize that I needed the
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