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  1. Other lung cancer survivors are the only people who can really understand how I'm feeling. As much as loved ones and friends are there for me they can't (thankfully) understand the different emotions especially when it's time for a scan or oncologist appointment.
  2. Hi- Just want to say if you need a "close" friend I'm right here - I live in Niles. I know I haven't posted all my particulars but just want you to know that my surgery was in January, 2005 and I was staged at III B as well. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Bobbi
  3. Hi Carl- Just have to add my 2 cents here - I had my upper left lobe removed (it will be 4 years in January) and my oncologist recommended chemo. It was controlled with meds and I was able to work all through it, other than the day I received chemo. It's a good insurance policy in my estimation! Bobbi
  4. Hi Susan - Just wanted to give my opinion regarding hair loss which I did have....try and get your mom to go for a wig before the hair loss starts (if it does). This way she can try on different wigs, see what she likes, match it to her hair color, etc. before the trauma of losing the hair begins. I did that and just went in and had it styled when I finally did need it. Hope everything goes well for your mother. Bobbi
  5. Hi Diane- I haven't posted on here in a very long time although I do come on and read pretty regularly, but just felt I had to write to you. I had 2 surgeries, one in December, 2004 and then another for the removal of my upper left lobe in January, 2005 (staged at IIIB), followed by 3 months of chemo. All I wanted was to feel (and look) like myself again....and I'm here to tell you that you will. It takes a little time to get back to the real "you", but I promise you that you will. I live alone and I too have always been the one to help everyone else. I had to realize that I needed the
  6. Hi Rebecca, Don't jump the gun. I too was diagnosed with stage IIIB (in Jan.2005 ) and I live alone. Other than the first three days I came home after surgery when I had someone stay with me, I was quite able to take care of myself. Even on the days I had chemo I came home, rested on the couch but didn't need any care. I hope the same goes for your dad. Good luck to you and your family. Bobbi
  7. Hi- My advice to you is please don't wait 6 months. Hopefully it is absolutely nothing and getting it checked out now will give you peace of mind. I was told the same thing - to wait 6 months and follow up when some nodules were found in my right lung. Being the type of person I am I said "no way can I wait" and I was referred to a thoracic surgeon and he sent me for a full lung CT scan and unfortuantely they found something in my left upper lobe, not even in the right lung where the nodules were seen. It was malignant, I had surgery and chemo and am doing okay. So, PLEASE, don't wait.
  8. With heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Bobbi
  9. Hi Debra- It is scary before chemo begins - the unknown always is. But for me it wasn't as bad as I imagined - once you begin and know what to expect - the fear will begin to ease. This site is wonderful because as well meaning as family and friends are - thankfully they don't completely understand - but we do. Bobbi
  10. To Myrnalu and Maryann- Thanks for your welcome and Maryann, I agree with you about trying to help anyone who needs it. As I've said before I wish I had known about this site when I was first going through everything..but I didn't, but if I can help anyone in even the smallest way it will help me. Thanks again for the welcome. Roberta
  11. Hi Liz - Well I quit smoking about 30 years before I was diagnosed with lung cancer - it doesn't really care who it chooses. Keep the "fight" attitude because it definitely does help. Fortunately I didn't need radiation, but I did have 3 months of chemo and other than the day I would get the chemo I always went to work. I wish I would have had this place to turn to when I was going through everything. Believe it or not, you are lucky - you found this wonderful site at the beginning of your journey and I know it will help you. Roberta
  12. I said it before and I'll say it again - thank you. Hearing from all of you is wonderful, inspirational and very "connecting". I wish I would have known about all of you when I was first going through all the trauma but I don't think the need for these connections will ever stop. Roberta
  13. Thank you everyone for your welcome to me. It's an unfortunate way to find "family", but that's what we are... Roberta
  14. Hi- Thanks for the welcome! The day after surgery they removed my chest tube and then I had a lung collapse...so they had to reinsert the chest tube which is NO fun. I was laying there and I kept saying to myself " I can take anything because it was benign" and then the next morning was told it was malignant. I wouldn't wish that emotional swing on anyone...but we get through things we never even imagined. Thank again for the welcome.
  15. Hi everyone - My name is Roberta and I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in December 2004. It was a fluke that it was even found since I didn't have any symptoms...that Sunday I was driving to meet my family for dinner and felt my heart beating more rapidly than usual. My daughter's father-in-law is a doctor and suggested I go to the ER. They did tests and heart was fine but I told the ER doc that I had been having some discomfort in my stomach and he did a CT scan. That showed some nodules in my right lung but said "probably of no consequence" and to follow up in 6 months...a
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