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  1. Hi All, Thank you! karen335, yes, loosing Dr. J is a blow. On my last visit, he looked at me, smiled, waved the test results and said "I am not gonna make any money on you, you got this beat" and laughed. Haven't seen Yang in a long time. Only if I have trouble, which I haven't. I think of you each time I eat Thai. That has become a regular luncheon hang out for work. teresag, thanks for the links! It will give me some research to go on. And, yes, you are absolutely correct, it would be Sunnyside. It's only 10 blocks from my caregivers house. I spoke with one person at work who has had Kaiser for awhile and went thru a less serious pre cancerous condition with them. She was satisfied with her treatment and is doing well. Unfortunately, she never had an onc. I had the same condition, a little more advanced as she, when I was in my 20s. I had follow ups with an onc, even tho there was never any treatment, proper. Just the usually battery of tests every 6 months etc.
  2. Hi Cloesmom! So Glad to hear you are doing great! Unfortunately, I can't keep my Onc. And boy, do I know the frustration of being tied to So. Cal. Just before DX, I had been offered a job back home in Oregon. I was just days away from putting in my notice at the company I was at for almost 18 years that made me move down here.. never liked So. Cal, but loved the company. Still do, they were wonderful in helping me thru this. The DX meant I am strapped in the smog until after that majic 5 year mark. BUT...if putting up with LA and a fading scar are the worst I have to complain about, I really HAVE no complaint I can find no info on the quality of Kaisers care, good or bad on the net. I was hoping we may have a member here. The GOOD thing about them is, when I "interviewed" both companies about my treatment and options (They set up a special meeting as they knew I had a pretty special need, once again, great company I work for) kaiser will allow me the option of switching to an Oregon facility if I recur without cost or penalty. This is important as my support system is in Oregon. I have no one down here that can help if I have to be treated. The other HMO was just not an option! To keep my "team", I would have had to switch to a PPO, and at a 70/30 plan, that is just to much for my checkbook. I had a PPO for my cervical cancer, and ended up filing bankruptcy.. at 23!
  3. Hello all. It's been so long probably none of you remember me. I have been NED for almost 4 years now, (Guess I should change my profile!) and have been off enjoying life "after" the big slam on my body and ego. I bought a travel trailer, and outside of work (yech), thats what I have been using to formulate the new lease on life. I am happy to see most of you still around and doing well. I am saddened to see a few gone. Now, for my selfish question... I have recently had a giant blow to my treatment, or I should say, non treatment. After having a wonderful team of GP, Onc and Pulminologist established for a long time, with good check ups and rotation.. my insurance has changed! And no one on my team is on it! My choices were to go with an HMO that has a million dollar lifetime benefit limit.. We know how far THAT will go if I recur.. or Kiaser.. I really had no choice, not being independantly wealthy.. and I went with Kiaser. They wanted an immediate appointment for me (They want to see what they bought into! LOL!) and I go on weds for a full battery of the tests I have been having every 3 and 6 months. Does anyone else here have Kiaser and what can I expect from them? I have always had an image of them as "Doc in a Box" Am I worried too much?
  4. I was told everything that Gail was told. I am quickly aproaching the 2 year mark.. I am going to throw a party and maybe even start up my retirement fund again. I think at 4 years, you should throw an even bigger party and start to breath (Excuse the pun) easier again.
  5. I too was 1a, lower right lobe removed. I was offered chemo, but the percentage rate (3% at the most, I was told)on it being helpful in my situation with such a good prognosis anyway, I turned it down. I want to keep my strength for if I REALLY need to fight at a later time. I do, however, question my decision on a daily basis.
  6. Well, it sounds like there is a "bump" (or Bonk) or two, but ya'll can overcome them. I know it. The pets are important. They are better than any drug. You keep those babies! The wierd thing, even tho I know it can't be possible, is when my baby was DXed and I was faced with that horrible decision, I thought I somehow caused it. The tribute album is a great one. Where IS Karen?
  7. Hi Curtis. Beckys loss is one of the saddenings I mentioned above. She was a good woman. I am happy to hear you and Katie are getting on better. A positive attitude is what you both need now, and it looks like you have plenty of that. Cindy.. 110 doesn't sound like much, but's it's a 10% increase in my average adult weight! I have always been small. Too bad the weight isn't going to useful places MOST of my family that have passed passed of heart attacks due to cholestoral problems. I need to be careful. (My Dad wasn't much bigger than me) Hi Katie! NED hasn't asked to marry me *yet*, but I am hopeful!
  8. OK Debi, You kNOW you are walking along right beside me. I get these too, but I just tell myself it's part of my life now. Always, yes, but.. hey, then I tell myself "Ain't it cool I get the chance?" Block them out, it's not being unrealistic, or avoiding anything. It's allowing you to live again after that big slap in the face we all have had. Think about what doc says everytime you have gotten those results "since" your surgery. Mine smiles, says I make him look good, and tells me I am his success story. Does yours? I bet he does.
  9. Hello to all! I am so happy to see so many familiar names here, if that makes any sense! I am also equally as saddened to see the loss of a few. David A. I am crying. One of the reasons I have not checked in is I can't bear to see those things. But, I know it's all part of life. I have been "away", but not really away, just taking a break from all this C worry and stuff. I am still NED after 1 and 1/2 years, and have been busy all summer with my new hobby.. I bought a little travel trailer and have been spending 90% of my weekends on the road. Why wait to retire to hit the road??? In May I lost my favorite dog to Cancer. It came sudden (Lymphoma) and I still have not recovered. He was my joy. And it threw me hard. This was supposed to happen to ME, not them. I guess I act like any parent, no matter how many legs the child has. I debated over whether to get another dog, a companion for my female. I thought "What if something happens to me? Is it fair to displace an animal like that?" Then I thought "What if I don't adopt one? Will it have ANY future?" So, I did and now I have a new "boy" that is wonderful. I have gain a lot of wieght, I am up to a whopping 110 lbs and the Docs are now yelling at me to "cut that out". Enuff! (Cholestoral) Well, this tells me we all have OTHER health things to worry about too. They are a little easier to deal with now tho Please post a note here and give me a brief bit of how you all are doing! I have been reading the posts, but it would be great to get a new look at what the "haps" are from your own mouths!
  10. Gina D.

    I'm back.

    The UK! How wonderful! It's one of my favorite places, and I have been away far too long! You will do well with the new developements. I feel you have the gumpshun!
  11. David C ~ How many pictures DO you have? Life on "hold" is a very good term, I have used it a couple times myself. I still have not started up my 401k again. I can't bring myself to. I am using that money for NOW, things I WANT to do, like a travel trailer, and weekend jaunts and stuff one would do when they retire. Wierd, huh? I am so glad you all are NED and doing well. I have lurked, and seen those that did not do well, and it saddens me. I will do better about piping in.
  12. Thank You! And I am quite jealous of that hot rod you have there DeanCarl! Great paint job! VROOOOM!!!!! I have been following your posts, even tho we haven't talked yet. I admire your decision with this whole treatment mess. I am with you. You are an inspiration to me. And hello to all my old croonies too. It's been too long since I poked my head in here.
  13. It's been a year since my DX. In the beginning of that year, I was blurred and dazed, I endured losing one of my closest friends ("Old Golds") losing part of a lung, and losing a long term relationship over the whole "C" thing as well. All within just a few short days of each other. Life flipped overnite, you have all been through it, I don't need to explain the whirlwind to you. Now, a year later, with a clean bill of health and full recovery .. I work too much, I don't stay in contact with folks like I should (And that includes here too, tho I lurk) and I eat FAR too poorly for my own good, just like I used to. Basically, I am slipping back into my old bad and good habits (Not the smoking tho!) and life pretty much seems almost as normal as it was 366 days ago. I am always aware, and never forgetful, I know that this could very well be the calm before the storm .. but I try my best not to dwell on that, tho it's always hardest before "Test Time", thats normal. The C word is no longer the first thought in my mind when I wake up, nor is it the last before I go to sleep. I don't hesitate in making future plans, at least not in the short term like I did a year ago. I no longer say "I need to wait and see what is happening". I was far too young with my first cancer to realise how serious it really was so I can't really reference back to that. I was invincible, despite the words I heard and the processes I went through. It was no big deal to me. Am I being a little too casual about the whole thing? Any other early stagers get this complacant?
  14. oh man! Now it's too late.. I can't run around drunk and nekkid for my beads, it's too cold up here in the woods. On tuesday, it was sunny.. oh well.. you guys lucked out and didn't have to see it!
  15. I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself. Gina D.
  16. Since I had my last cigarette. Since I was DX with Lung Cancer. BUT.. it's been almost a year that that sucka was whacked outta me and it hasn't had the gall to show it's face around me again! Just got my report card from my "yearlies" and the CTs and all other stuff are clear, clean, free and "normal". Not even a burp. Phew! The landlord has renewed the lease for another 6 months
  17. Wonderful page! I would also be willing to have my ugly mug on there. It would be an honour! Great work!
  18. I dunno.. he looks like a danged long haired hippie rock star ta me!
  19. No, we F'ing do not! We sell Banjos, isn't that bad enough????
  20. Well now, I work for a really mega hugie corporate conglomerate musical instrument manufacturer, that happens to give a hoot about these things (Hey, they still keep me around) They make popular Guitars and Basses. The name starts with an "F". Please send me details of what you would like to do and I *may* be able to get our A&R depts to do some work on it. I myself play a mean mixing board
  21. The term "Mental Giant" comes to mind. When I get my CTs done, I am allowed to look at them immediately (While still on the comp monitor) however, I am told in no uncertain terms by the tech that he will not comment on them at all, thats is for the doctor to do. I already knew this. He does point out the different organs, which is allowed. I find it fascinating, actually. He stretched the rules once by pointing out my staples when I told him "Those things cost 1/4 million, I at least want to have a gander at 'em"
  22. Bob, I am so sorry. I did not see this til just now. All I have to say is P P. You'll get them, you always do.
  23. Hey David, You will notice a lack of posts from me as well recently. Sometimes we just don't feel like yakking, for any # of reasons, from physical to emotional..and suprisingly enough, from good or bad moods! Worry not, everyone here worries when there is a lack of posts for other reasons, and frankly, we are glad to find out it's not "what we think" Rest, enjoy life and don't worry about what us old crumedgeons think..
  24. We should do a camp out! (Only if I can use your bathroom!) Wouldn't that be great? A whole campsite full of LC survovors? Let the world know we CAN live normally.. a photo op waiting to happen, for sure! We could give a scare to all our oncs..I like this idea! Plus it would be funny to catch the looks of folks when they see all the bald heads David and I can have a bicycle race around the campground (Like I had any chance of winning!) OK..maybe a campfire is a bad idea, but we could make a giant wad of rope and XMAS lights! Karen, how did the other test come out? Good, I sure hope! I KNOW you have good docs..
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