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  1. Hi all, I just thought I'd let everyone know that my dad passed away this morning. It had been a tough couple of days, but I am glad dad's suffering is over. I just can't believe that after only ten weeks since diagnosis he is gone. He will be missed by alot of people. Shane
  2. Just an update on my Dad, As posted before he is in a hospice now and the cancer has spread to his bones. He can't move his legs at all, his back is giving him lots of pain and it looks like the radiotherepy he had didn't help him. He is in agony and it is hard for them to control his pain. It is terrible to see someone you love so much in so much discomfort begging to die. The doctors have said the end is close now, and we are all by his bedside. They have to find a cure for this dreadful disease! Thanks for all the kind posts, it has helped my mum alot I think. Shane
  3. I am Peter's son and it sucks that he has to go through so much pain and that the UK health system is so under funded it takes so long for treatment to happen. I am so angry, that if I was in the UK I would likely beat the hell out of the doctors that keep my dad waiting and waiting. Sorry, I just had to vent my feelings.
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