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  1. Karen; I want you to know that I truly understand what you described as "happening all around you" - as I felt that and still do. I feel that it is mostly due to the fact that you have no control. All these years we control ourselves, what we eat, what we do, where we go and all of the sudden you feel as if you are riding a wave and you just have to go with it. You are doing what you fully can do and that is your best. You do what you can and some days that might feel like the wrong thing! I would be as supportive as I could be for my father but he was like a woman sometimes and would lash ou
  2. Hi. My father (62) went through the very same thing. He leaned to one side when he walked, fell often and had completed his chemo. Brain mets can be very deep, small or large and no matter what the size can rest on things that simply cause problems like you are describing. I would certainly get a second opinion, especially if he's had them to begin with. My prayers go out to you and your family.
  3. Nova; I have been in your shoes and I told everyone My Father was the most subborn man ever to roam the earth! Listen, Dad told me countless times to "stop" as I went to pick up the phone or walk down the hall to get the doctor. Well, as an obedient daughter I listened to him until one day I decided eventhough this was my dad's body- I needed to be in control because he was not. 3 times it saved his life for me to call. Do it! Take care and know others are thinking of the two of you!
  4. Well, I Do Not believe anyone here is being "pummeled" with news of Small Cell. As a full time caregiver and only child, I was with my Father 24/7 and I was in the hospital every minute where I traveled his last few days of life with him. March 13, 2007. I might write a book about the 13 month journey we had fighting SCLC. People need to know. My Father was what I feel to be text book small cell. DX'd Extensive, chemo greatly reduced tumors, recurrence, brain tumors, radiation and I think we know the rest. I have not been on this site since he passed. What made me click on this topic first I w
  5. Lisa; I cried when I read your post... my dad had ext sclc and just passed on March 13th at the age of 63, 4 days after his birthday. Today and tonight I have been cleaning out his apartment and just sitting going through his files. He was a simple man but as I have found, bigger and stronger than I ever knew. I'm sure your mom was the same way. Our parents are our worlds as are our children. Please know that I am thinking of you and your family- and your father too. And yes, this is the hardest thing I have ever gone through as well. Know that you are NOT alone and the people here care for yo
  6. Thank you so much everyone. I didn't know until yesterday that you REALLY CAN sleep for 24 hours (after having no sleep for 3 days or so)!! Today however, I picked up my phone to call him. Twice. Things have changed but I know dad is watching over me. Thank you all again. I will certainly keep watching this board and doing the best I possibly can to help. I want to do more and believe that will be my next "career". Love you all.
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    http://www.hampshirereview.com/Websites ... sWhite.htm copy/paste Kimberly
  8. Hello everyone; I have some news. Tuesday morning at 9:30 am my dad passed away from his sick body in to the other side of true life. Myself, his only child and my aunt, his only sister were there and thankfully our wonderful doctor and his assistant were there too. It wasn't the pneumonia that got him rather, it was the small cell that worked its aggressive coverage that took what is now my fathers shell but not his spirit as I'm sure that lives on. If you only knew is sense of humor- it was immence. It was a very rought last week and I didn't sleep a wink. Today, I have slept, then up an hou
  9. Smallcell


    Hi everyone. The last time I posted my dad's small cell had moved to the brain. He went through his radiation and kept on fighting! It worked and he is walking a straight line again! Now however, this past week, he took a down turn and is now on oxygen. Docs thought he might have pneumonia but ruled it out after chest xray and he really didn't have the signs of it. I had it twice in my life, my son had it twice in his 16 years and had crazy fever with it. So they sent him home with some new meds and oxygen with an appointment in 5 days. Today, hospice nurse came in and he had 101 fever, oxygen
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    Loretta; I'm glad you are here but I'm sad that you had to come here. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My father (sclc/brain) just went through 13 rads/one per day. When we rushed him in to his oncologist because of seizures, falling and such, doc immediately put him on this to reduce swelling. It worked. However, he got a terrible case of Thrush in the back of his throat and the first week he would not, could not stop talking. On and on and on. Trouble sleeping but this all subdued in about 1 1/2 weeks and he began to rest and get back to sleep. I believe it's common. This is a rollerco
  11. Smallcell

    Bone Mets

    Laurie; As for my fathers experience- he has ALWAYS had bone mets since his Extensive DX last january 06. Even through chemo and then a few rads to his esophegus and now rads to his brain,,, he has had bone mets. Through all of his treatments they shrink- and then reappear elsewhere. Our Oncologist explained his take on dads mets. He said SOMETIMES bone mets can get so large they cause fracture of the bone. If and when that happens they can start radiation on these large, bothersome mets/tumors. He explained the pain would be an inclination as to a met doing so much damage to a bone. His exam
  12. Bobby; It is my understanding that Radiation is used in two different ways. First- if the small cell is limited stage, meaning just in the lung- then radiation is used and maybe chemo as back up. However, if it is in the Extensive stage meaning there are mets anywhere else in the body then chemo is used first to treat the entire body and think of radiation as a "spot secondary". My dad was VERY extensive so chemo was started the day after his DX to treat the whole body. It worked. But since reoccurence (spelling sorry), as doc says, we are treating "symptoms" such as when the tumors made it
  13. Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers. And Randy for the info on brain tumors. I never thought to look that up- good info!
  14. sorry, I didn't get to finish that...Anyway, I REALLY want people to understand that docs don't always know everything. So many people think they do. Twice docs have had my father gone. It's your will, your positive thinking, your sense of humor (that's a big one!)- that does not show up on your xray/scan. Fight! Keep your chin up. Dad has me laughing every day and although it has to be difficult, he keeps smiling and laughing himself. This has been such a learning experience for me as I came into his cancer a control freak. Every second had to be controlled and knowledge would set us free. Hu
  15. Hello everyone. You all have helped me through this terrible time so much and I can't tell you how much I hav learned here. I just wanted to give an update on my father. I wish I could get that picture to post but it's too big I guess! go to: http://www.alcase.org/facing/facesoflungcancer/ to see us- third row down third picture in from left- big face! Anyway, two monday's ago- the 8th, I called doc and told him dad's new symptoms. Falling, severe headaches, dizzy, and yes, dreaded seizures. Most small but some big and scarey. My aunt and I rused him in to doc for head ct. I fell off my chair
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