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  1. My cancer has progessed and too weak for more chemo so hospice is being caled in but I have no one to take care of me after hospice leaves,my husband has to keep working to pay all these bills,whats a person to do? where can I dind out about private duty nurses? thank you

  2. went to ER and nothing different is going on with the lung so its time for pain meds. they are making me so sick to my stomanch even with food. has anyone used the patch and did it have side effects?

  3. I had chemo on Thursday and today about lunch time I started with pain in my left lung,in the back,I don't know if the way I have slept and not getting up much the last few days has caused this,the cancer or what,anyone have a clue of what might be going on?

  4. I have lost so much weight and can hardle eat a thing without getting full. I can eat a piece of toast for breakfast and I am not hungry until way in the afternoon. It is starting to make me feel very weak. I am thinking the doctor is going to have to do something or I will not have a chance to finish chemo.

  5. My prayers are with you whatever you decide. I am at the crossroards now. I have had 6 high dose chemo treatments and it sure has affected my quality of life and trying to make the decision on stoping treatment so I can enjoy a few things in life before getting any weaker. Hugs,Robin

  6. the doctor was going to do weekly chemo with taxotere and cissplatin but today he changed his mind and is doing every 21 days with taxol and coriplatin,I think that is the name of the drug,I probably spelled it wrong. Has anyone had these drugs,I guess I should expect the normal fatigue and so forth.

  7. Ok It is back and the doctor said today we would start with taxotere once a week. I had taxotere and astivan every 21 days before,so my ?? is why once a week now, I sure pray I can handle it plus how many rounds do they do if all goes well. I asked my doctor but he didn't say,all he said was as long as your body wil handle it,does that mean until the day I die?

  8. I go back to the doctor this Tuesday to find out the results of my Pet Scan, I pray after just stopping chemo in March that its not back,I just mentally don't have the strenght to keep going. My husband is the only support I have and he works all day and to tired when he gets home, so I feel so alone in this. Thank you Robin

  9. I went for my 4 month checkup and xray and the doctor said there is a place that looks suspious and might be reocrrunce,I have cried all afternoon until I am sick to my stomach.I go thursday for a pet scan and then the following tuesday for the results. He said itr could be scar tissue but why wouldn't it have shown up on my last 2 xrays? I think he knows that it is back. I am a mess, i just don't know if I have the strenght to go back through chemo so soon. Keep me in your prayers. Robin

  10. somedays I am filled with anxitey and my brain can't stop and then some days it feels like I can't focus or hardly get my brain to get started. anyone feel this way? I think I am going crazy. I don't know if it is the chemo or just being tired,if it is depression or what. anyone have any answers.

  11. thank you for the info. this was not there when I was dx with cancer it has just came up in the last month since stopping chemo. Its not read or anything and its right where the cancer was,I just pray its not back after only being off of chemo 1 month.

  12. I just noticed in the past week that my left side of my breat but closer to tyhe windpipe seems to be a little larger than the other side, its the side that the cancer was on around the pulmonary artery. I go to the doctor this coming friday for my fiurst monthly visit since finishing chemo,I am a nervous wreck wandering what this is. I have not had no coughing or pain . Please help

  13. out of no where today I started a dry cough, the weather did turn off 30 degrees cooler so I don't know if that done it or the cancer is back, I just finishedup chemo a moth ago is it possible for the cancer to come back in one month?

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