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  1. Hi

    My husband is and has been experiencing a severe amount of shoulder and arm pain - this started the week before his diagnosis and two weeks after a car accident we were in. Our doctor say it is pain from the cancer. He is on chemo- gemzar and carboplatin -

    has anyone else had this happen to them either due to the treatment "or" just the cancer? He is thinking maybe it is arthritis. He is on oxycodone 10mg right now - about 12 per day. I know that sometimes the chemo can affect the nerve endings but this is quite severe. Any comments or ideas of other ways to relieve and what it could be. Thanks,


  2. Hi

    I am so very sorry that you lost your daughter so quickly. As far as age - I don't think cancer knows any boundaries. My husband is 42 and was diagnosed in October 2006 with nscl cancer. His cousin died last new years at the age of 41 with small cell and non small cell - and a friend of ours died two years ago at the age of 40. That is 3 people in my little world in their 40's. The statistics would be interesting to know.


  3. Hi

    My name is Heather. I have been surfing various websites for the last two monthes and for some reason did not locate this one until a few days ago. Thank God! My husband Gerald has been diagnosed with nscl cancer - squamous cell carcinoma. It was discovered to be on October 2nd and by October 6th he had the biopsy results and oncologist examination. Gerald is 42, we have two children - 16 and 12. He has not been staged per say by the doctors but from what I can read into it he is either stage 3b or stage 4. He has numerous lesions on one lung. A 14 cm mass on his chest that blocks total catscan view of the other as well as mets to the kidney, liver and lymph. He has a suspicious lesion on frontal lobe of brain also. He was put on chemo the week following diagnosis - so I must say it has all been quick - but so is the spread of the cancer. I wanted to make myself known to you all as I have been checking the messages for the last few days and find this group of people and this website just what I have been looking for. Stories and ideas instead of doom and gloom are a plus. Next week we have an appointment at Sunnybrook to see a radiologist. We had considered traveling to the states however Gerald also has thrombosis to his superior vena cava and his juglar as there was another mass from the nodes pushing on that..and mass wrapped around his pulminary artery..(could it get any better!!!!),so long drives or flying would have been a risk. He is positive and has great support from family and friends - all of his siblings are out of province,,,Newfoundland - PEI and Alberta - and they are all going to be up over the next few monthes to spend time with him which is awesome. So that is the jest of our story and I wanted you to know who I was if you started to see posts from me.


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