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  1. Hi Derek Sending big hugs to you and your family, Dawn
  2. Jackie Was saddnened to read your post - I have been thinking about your Dad. God bless you and your family at this time. Best wishes Dawn x
  3. dtay

    Darling Husband RIP

    Dearest Pippa I have been offline for a few days and have just read your very sad news. Just want to say that I am thinking of you - Dawn x
  4. Prayers and big hugs - pleased things seem ok now. Dawn x
  5. dtay


    Hi My Dad gets hiccups occassionally and it gets so bad that it disturbs his sleeping. He gets meds from Onc when they start up (some sort of anti-phsycosis med !!)- they dont know what causes Dads tho, other than to say 'it sometimes happens when someone has LC'. His get worse when he is on steroids and after chemo. Dawn
  6. Jackie - thinking of you and saying prayers for your dad. Dawn
  7. I would like to add that Deanne is an inspiration to all of us here in UK - her grit and determination in fighting for justice for everyone is truly remarkable. She is one in a million. Dawn x
  8. dtay

    Our father

    God bless you all. Dawn
  9. dtay


    God bless you and your family at this very sad time Rochelle, I am thinking of you all. Dawn
  10. dtay

    My dad has passed

    thinking of you Dawn x
  11. God bless you Debi. Dawn x
  12. dtay

    Prayers for nyka69

    Prayers from me too x
  13. I am overjoyed - you both deserve this soooooo much. You have fought tooth and nail and it has paid off, you and Jimmy are a very special couple and very much in love with each other - God bless you both. Love from Dawn xxx
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