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  1. Anyone know anything about Topotecan?
  2. Welcome My thoughts and prayers are with your mother! SOUnds Like she is a trooper! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family.... Please keep in touch!
  3. THanks to all Who welcomed me with such love & Support! I look foward to meeting more and more of you! Went to Doctor today with dad, severely Dehydrated after 6 days of diarehhea, imodiem, lomatrol no help..... Finally gave him a shot to control Bowels.... and 4 bags of fluid to hydrate him. Goal now to stop diarehea..... and get some solid foods into him. He has lost 9 pounds in 1 week. Doctoe said Might have to change his chemo which is CPT 11? any one else on chemo for mets to liver? He has no appetite... ! he sais " even if a big fat juicy steak was in front of him it would NOT be appealing to him" So we hope that bowels will get better. Thanks for the support you Now are my Family! Pray for you all God Bless ! xoxox
  4. I am so for your Loss My heart goes out to you and your family! I am here if you need to vent! All my Love & Prays, Jennifer
  5. Hello Every One, My father has stage 4 lung cancer he has battling this disease for 1 year. it has it's ups and downs. As, you know it's a battle day by day. Currently now he is taking chemo Cpt 11- which is brutal. Severe Diarrehea, n/v, extreme tiredness. I wish i could take his weakness away and fill him with energy. I know at times he is very fustrated, as i am sure you all know. My father was a heavy smoker for many years, and one day couldn't breath anymore, just walking from one side of the room to another took his breath away. As he describes to me Not being able to breath is the worst Feeling in the world. We then brought him to the ER and was admitted right away, and then founf he had a mass on his R lung and they drained 300 cc of fluid from his R lung. he then started carbo, and etoposide which he responded very well to. Then this, November had sever headaches, and doctor prescribed MRI, and he had lesions on the brain, followed by Radation and Chemo. Now december he had CAT SCAN and found lesions on liver, which brings me up to par. As I know we All have are story...... My words of wisdome are, I know at times you feel , like you can't deal with this fight, but don't give up! Stay strong, Because we all need to fight together and beat this disease. I love you all, and pray for all of you. xoxox[/b]
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