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    I just want to let you know that Andy died at noon yesterday April 3rd. He was 45 years old. His death was very peaceful. He knew his time had come and he was at peace, ready to go home to the Lord. Next month we would have been married 27 years and we have 3 children ages 21, 11 and 8. May God Bless each and every one of you that is still fighting this horrible disease. May God bless all those who have already crossed over and their families who have provided so much information and wisdom here for those of us who followed.
  2. What a difference one week can make. Andy had his 3 month check up with the oncologist last Monday, the pet scan results were good, cancer hasn't spread or grown. Three days later he is in the hospital fighting for his life. I had thought that I had prepared for this. I have read everything I could on lung cancer and death and dying, but again and again I find myself at a total loss during these last 5 days. I really want to share with you some of the things I have learned this week: 1. In the movies when you call an ambulance...you get an ambulance. In real life when you call an ambulance you get 12 volunteer fireman (all in their own vehicles with flashing lights) 1 fire truck and lastly an ambulance. Your house will be a zoo with 15 people in and out all asking you the same questions over and over. (I do live in a small town... so I am not sure how it would be in a bigger city.) 2. Don't count on the many talks you have had with your spouse about how they don't want to be on a ventilator, get it in writing with witnesses. 3. (I am still in shock about this one) Don't assume that your spouse can die in the hospital. Turns out Andy's breathing trouble was caused by pnuemonia and that also caused a deadly blood infection. I was told Friday that he could have anywhere from 2 hours to 1 week to live. Monday March 31st the hospital tells me that because there is no treatment that the hospital can give him that will make him better my insurance will no longer pay for the hospital stay and he needs to be discharged into hospice. I needed to choose right away. Later that day when I called my insurance company they were angry that I was being told this. They said I have 100% coverage with no limit on how long he is there. They suggested that the hospital wants him out because he is dying and he will be a death statistic to them. It just seems wrong to move someone when death is imminent. I'll post more later. My daughter left her lap top here and I am glad she did. I am too tired to check for spelling errors but I know you all won't mind.
  3. Faith711, my prayers are with you and your family.
  4. I need some help finding good pain relief. Andy can't sleep due to the pain and that either leaves him sleeping on and off most of the day or crabby due to pain and lack of rest. We have tried sleeping pills (ambien) but the pain still wakes him. He doesn't want to be groggy and zombied out thru the day due to pain killers. Anyone have any suggestions on what to try? He has tried tylanol 3, dilauid and one other I can't recall. His pain seems to be in the muscle or nerve in the upper back just below the shoulder blade where the tumor is. The Doc suggested pain patches for the area but the insrance has a $250. per month co-pay that leaves them out of our reach. any advice would be awesome!
  5. I am confused about how many rounds of chemo too. Andy has had 2 rounds (3 weeks apart for four days) and the Oncologist said that there was not much shrinkage but the results were still "favorable". Now he has him on Taxol 1 day every 3 weeks but he said it was for "maintenance", but isn't it really round 3 of chemo? I just want to be sure Andy is getting the best treatment available....
  6. I am not in the same situation as you but I do live in Midland.
  7. My name is Diana and my hubby is Andy. We have been married for 25 years and have 3 children. Kayla is 20 and is finishing her sophomore year in college. Kyle is 10 and Kristy just turned 7. I have been lurking here for 3 months and have found more info here than anywhere else. I have read pretty much every post here even going back several years so I feel like I know everyone. I hate to be a member of this family because of lung cancer but here I am!
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